Friday, October 18, 2013

October FAIR Treasure Review

To my surprise, I received an October FAIR Treasure box in the mail!  I have really enjoyed all of the boxes I've gotten from them, and I'm excited to share this shipment with you.

FAIR Treasure is a monthly subscription service that delivers fair-trade certified goods.  They include lots of information about the people and organizations behind the items, which is something I truly appreciate and enjoy.  The boxes cost $30 per month, and you can pre-pay $90 for three months (the 3 month option includes free shipping).  It may seem pricey, but I think it's well worth the cost!

My first item is the Ceramic Owl Topper by Jallpa Nina Artisan Group.  I love owls and all things bird, so I was really happy to receive this!  The Jallpa Nina Artisan group was founded in Lima, Peru in 1988, and they specialize in hand-made, high-temperature stoneware and porcelain.  Their designs are inspired by their Inca heritage and the textures and colors of nature, both of which are apparent in this topper.  The organization offers its workers healthy working conditions, high-quality tools, and assistance in product design, training to learn new techniques, and quality control training.  I'm not quite sure what I'll use this owl in just yet, but I can see it being a great decoration with a potted plant.

My second item is the Marquet Open Weave Scarf by Ton Fai Group.  I also love scarves, so this box was spot-on for my interests.  I think this scarf is beautiful--I love the colors, and the fabric is soft yet sturdy.  This scarf was made by Khun Baukum Yupkaew, whom everyone calls "Grandma Kum."  The informational card provided states that Grandma Kum owns her land and home and doesn't need to work, but she continues to in order to save money for her grandchildren and to help provide a bright future for them.  She is a member of the Ton Fai Group in Thailand, made up of fruit and rice farmers who have been weaving for 15 years as a second source of income between planting seasons.  This local business allows the weavers to stay close to home while working their second job, as opposed to needed to seek work away in larger cities.  The card also states:

"Grandma Kum would really like to say thank you to all her customers who give her the opportunity to still work with the Ton Fai Group.  She puts her heart into the quality of her work and is very proud of her weaving."

Bottom Line: The personal stories and anecdotes included with my FAIR Treasure items make them all the more special to me.  I thoroughly enjoy this subscription and highly recommend it to all, especially people who are looking for an easy way to contribute to fair trade organizations!

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FAIR Treasure.  I received no monetary compensation.


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