Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Recharge With Live Love Spa!

Going on a spa retreat is a luxury that most people dream of or look forward to for months, and something I have yet to try for myself.  I often treat myself to massages, but a full-on spa experience is something I hope to treat myself to in the near future.  Finding that perfect retreat to begin with can be challenging.  Planning destination or resort spa vacations takes time and effort, but it all more than pays off in the end.  Live Love Spa is a great resource for finding the perfect fit for you!

Live Love Spa offers insider tips and covers spa events, spa brands, products and more.  There are many high-quality facilities out there, but there are also many spas that offer limited services, use old equipment, or exaggerate how much of a resort or destination spa they are.  Utilizing Live Love Spa will ensure that you're getting all of the information about possible spas.

Red Mountain Resort in Utah

Finding the perfect spa location is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding where to book your stay.  A spa vacation should be a satisfying sensory experience, and if you don't choose a location that excites you, you'll probably have trouble fully enjoying your stay.  Many people find a particular type of setting, like the mountains or the ocean, more relaxing than others, so make sure you're being true to your preferences.  My ideal spa experience would include a lot of natural surroundings, where I could hear the birds and look out to lots of green.

Alchemie Spa in California
Many people go to spas to mentally recharge and take a break from real life.  Choosing a retreat spa isn't something that you should do hastily; retreat experiences are a rare splurge for most people, so you really want to get everything that you can out of your visit.  It will be much easier to do that if you think about what you want and make a real effort to find out which destinations can offer all of that.  Be sure to check out Live Love Spa for much more information about planning your perfect spa vacation!

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  1. I have to agree with you regarding how people hastily decide to go on a spa retreat and end up not enjoying the experience. Going on a spa retreat means you have to commit a 100% and leave everything else behind. For those people who just want a day or two away from their everyday life, they can can check for inns that offer a good spa.

    Thomas Barrett @ Bee And Thistle Inn


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