Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Beauty Kitchen Review

Have you heard of Beauty Kitchen? Found Heather Marianna started it as a YouTube channel and they now have a subscription service, too! They sent me a July VIP Box and Mini Monthly to share with you.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty Kitchen sends seasonal goodies like custom-scented sugar scrubs, body washes, beauty bars, skin oils, and more each month! All products are all-natural, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and were created by Heather herself! She started Beauty Kitchen to showcase simple, DIY recipes with common kitchen and household ingredients, and now you can get them shipped right to your door each month. Shipping is free.

They have to box options, the VIP and the Mini:
  • VIP: $34.95 per month or $95 for a three month trial
  • Mini: $12.95 per month or $30 for a three month trial

The Mini ships in a padded envelope and has 4-7 sample sized products with a retail value of over $40. 

July's theme was "Baby You're a Firework"and had four samples.
  • Blemish Blaster Skin Polish - This scrub can be used on your face and body and works great to diminish acne. I really like this for summer, since no one likes feeling all gross and sweaty, but it's inevitable and can lead to acne flare-ups. It has a clean scent from tea tree, lavender, bergamot, and lemongrass essential oils.
  • Lemongrass and Sage Body Polish - This smells so good and is so zen! Both of these polishes are made with organic fine sugar and rice bran oil, along with their respective essential oil scents.
  • As American as Apple Pie Lotion - I love this lotion! It has a smooth, light texture and absorbs quickly into my skin. It's made with an all natural evening primrose lotion base, shea butter, coconut oil, and a Beauty Kitchen blend of apple scents. It smells amazing!
  • #Lemonade Luxe Lather Wash - This has an all natural shower gel base and a Beauty Kitchen blend of lemonade scents. It doesn't smell strongly of lemonade, but I like that because I feel like a strong lemon scent would make you smell like cleaning solution.
I also received the Perfect Pout set, which is pictured in the first photo of this post (this set is sold separately from the Mini monthly bag):
  • Beauty Kitchen Sunscreen Lip Balm - This is made with beeswax and citrus-sweetened flavor oil. The SPF is not listed. I love natural lip balms and this one hydrates really well.
  • Collagen Lip Gel Mask - I had never used a lip mask before so I was really curious to try this. It looked so funny on because it encompassed more than just my lips, but it felt really nice and hydrating afterwards.

The VIP Box features 4-6 full-sized items, as well as complimentary samples, and will have a retail value of $100 or more!

  • Pomegranate Plum Perfection Skin Polish - This smells so good! It's my favorite scrub of the bunch. It just smells so perfectly fruity. The full-sized version is 16 oz.
  • Black Tie Affair Skin Polish - This is a unisex scent and smells exactly how you think it would, with notes of black peppercorn, leather, warm woods, patchouli, musk, and citrus. I am a huge fan of masculine scents so I love this, but those who prefer more feminine blends may find this to be too strong.
  • As American as Apple Pie Lotion - This is the same as the one in the mini, just full-sized at 4 oz.
  • #Lemonade Luxe Leather Wash - This bottle is a little bigger than the lotion at 6 oz.
  • Charcoal Sheet Mask - I don't usually do sheet masks because I just don't like how they feel on my face (also I can't sit still for 20 minutes to use one), but I will definitely give this one a try because I love charcoal products for my oily, oily skin. The instructions on the package say I can use it for anywhere from 5-15 minutes, too, so that's perfect.
  • Collagen Gel Lip Mask - This is the same as the product described in the Perfect Pout set.
  • Red Wine Infused Eye Gels - How fun are these? I love eye gel masks, especially after a long, hot day. These are made with glycerin, sweet almond oil, red wine polyphenols, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, collagen amino acids, and water to de-puff and de-stress your under eye area.
  • All Natural Bug Spray - This was my bonus item and I'll put it to good use! It's made with essential oils of lemon and citronella with a special Beauty Kitchen blend. Mosquitoes have always loved me, much to my chagrin, and hopefully this will help keep them at bay.
Bottom Line: I'm definitely impressed by Beauty Kitchen! I think both the Mini and the VIP options are a great value and I like that everything is made with minimal ingredients and great scents!

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