Friday, July 22, 2016

July Chococurb Nano Review

You what I really love? Chocolate. I've been wanting to try a chocolate box for a while, but a lot of them are kind of expensive. Enter Chococurb Nano, a new subscription from Chococurb that's only $10 a month!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Chococurb isn't just any chocolate box, they send treats that are fair trade certified, USDA organic, and beyond! The Nano box is a great way to sample all different types of chocolates for a really affordable price.
  • One Month: $10 per month
  • Six Months: $54 every six months ($9 per month)
  • 12 Months: $96 every 12 months ($8 per month)
Boxes ship on the 14th of every month and shipping is free to U.S. and Canadian addresses. They also ship internationally to Germany and England, and shipping to all other European countries, Australia, and New Zealand is calculated at checkout.

So, it's July. And it's hot and humid here in Rochester, and probably pretty much everywhere else. When temperatures are 70°-79°F, your box will ship with a cold pack and cool shield foil bubble wrapping. Temperatures above 80°F call for a cold pack and cool shield foil bubble wrapping inside a styrofoam container. My box arrived as the later option. Unfortunately it didn't keep the chocolate from melting, but that didn't bother me, I just let them reconstitute in the fridge for a little while, but I wanted to point that out for anyone who lives in a really hot climate.

The box featured five chocolates, and unfortunately there was no informational card included. The card in the above photo just had some general information about Chococurb on it. But here's what was inside:
  • Menakao Milk Chocolate 44% - This bar is "truly Madagascar" and is made from Madagascan vanilla with notes of caramel, and fruit, acidic notes from the Madagascan cocoa (info taken from the Menakao website). I loved how smooth this was, and the touch of acidity blended perfectly and kept the bar from being overly saccharine. The packaging features a Merina woman, which means "people of the highlands."
  • Seattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter Truffle - I love birthday cake flavored chocolates! I've had the Seattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter chocolate bar before, but this was so much better. It was smooth and rich and absolutely delicious. It has a birthday cake mix center with confetti pieces.
  • Ethereal Confections - Here is where I wish there was an info card, since I don't know anything about this other than the brand name. It was a delicious little piece of dark chocolate, though!
  • Chocolat Dolfin Noir Citron - I couldn't find this exact chocolate on the Dolfin website, but they're a Belgian brand that makes lots of interesting flavor blends. This was really interesting and had a good lemon flavor without being overpowering.
  • TCHO Mokaccino - I've also had this brand and particular flavor before and I could eat a million of them. It's just such a perfect blend of coffee and chocolate flavors!
Needless to say, these little chocolates did not last long in my house. Actually, I exhibited just the tiniest bit of self control and did manage to stretch out their existence to two days. I ate the smaller ones first and saved the Menakao bar for last.
Bottom Line: I was impressed by this Chococurb Nano box and I would definitely subscribe! Some of the pieces were small, but considering the entire box only costs $10 I don't think that's a bad deal. I am a bit ridiculous and regularly buy more expensive chocolates, and considering the brands here I think the amount of chocolate is very fair for the price of the box. Everything in July's offering was delicious and I would love to get chocolates like these every month!

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