Saturday, August 13, 2016

August Book of the Month Review and Coupon

I finally signed up for Book of the Month last month and I love this subscription! I was so excited to get my August book that I chose to ship it early (more on that later), and I can't wait to start reading it. The only reason I haven't is because I haven't finished July's book yet.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains affiliate links.

Book of the Month costs $16.99 per month for a hardcover book of your choice, plus a little extra item, too! You can also subscribe for three months at $44.97 ($14.99 per book) or six months at $143.88 ($11.99 per book). You can also add an extra book to your box for only $9.99 per book.

Each month you'll choose from five titles that were selected by that month's judges. If you don't like any of the books you can skip the month. You will be charged for that month, though, but your payment will carry over into the next month. For example, if you skip for August you'll be charged $16.99 regardless, but if you choose a book in September you won't be charged another $16.99 in September.

I also learned this month that if you're a decisive person like me, you can pick your book and have it shipped before the selection window closes. I knew what book I wanted right away, so why wait any longer than I had to? This shipped on August 3rd and was at my door soon after.

If you don't select a book and you don't skip, Book of the Month will automatically ship you a book they've selected based on your preferences. It was recommended that I choose The Woman in the Cabin by Ruth Ware, but I ended up switching to Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I love a good science fiction story that makes you think, and this one was really intriguing:
Dark Matter is the story of Jason Dessen, an intensely devoted family man with a lackluster career. One day he's abducted by a mysterious stranger, and every assumption he'd had about his life is yanked away. He finds himself in a disorienting world both similar and different from his "real" life. But the power of love is so strong that Dessen is willing to endure a long, strange quest to find his way home and rejoin his family. 
Paced like a thriller, Dark Matter is also surprisingly philosophical; at its core is this question: "If you strip away all the trappings of personality and lifestyle, what are the core components that make me me?" The scope of the novel can seem infinitely huge, but Crouch's protagonist remains relatable and reachable even as the story twists and turns to mind-bending extremes. The action barely stops, but the conclusion remains immensely satisfying even after you've caught your breath and returned back to our own universe.
I can't wait to dig in to this one! I joined Book of the Month in mid-July so I still haven't finished my July book, but this is up next. I used to read two books at a time when I was younger, but now I prefer to focus on one story at a time.

The box also came with a little wine coozy, which is something I didn't know existed. I don't drink wine but I'll save this anyway for when I have guests who do.

Here is judge Maris Kreizman's reasons for picking this book.

Bottom Line: I've only been a member of Book of the Month for two months now, but so far I've been very impressed by the selections they offer. It's hard to choose just one book! August's selections all seemed great, but ultimately I had a feeling that Dark Matter would be the most interesting to me.

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