Friday, August 5, 2016

Vitafive Beauty Pack Review and Coupon

You know what's never been fun for me? Taking vitamins. I'm not good with swallowing pills and, to be honest, I just never paid that much attention to what supplements I should be taking. But now Vitafive is my new favorite way to get "health without the hassle!"

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So, as I said, Vitafive's slogan is "health without the hassle." They ship two week supplies of supplements targeted to your needs starting at $14.99. Shipping is always free. They have a bunch of different options:
  • Custom Pack - Choose your own, starting at $14.99
  • Immune Pack - $29.99
  • Sleep Pack - $24.99
  • Beauty Pack - $29.00
  • Heart Pack - $34.00
  • Essential Pack - $24.00
  • Active Pack - $34.00
  • Brain Pack - $24.00
I chose to review the Beauty Pack, which 14 daily packs five gummies each. The packs are gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher and halal, third party tested, and dietitian approved.

The Beauty Pack contains two biotin, one Vitamin C, and one Omega-3 vitamins. Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin C work as anti-oxidizing agents to help reduce cellular damage and signs of aging, while biotin supports keratin production, which is the fibrous protein in your nails and hair. I figured this pack would be the most relevant to the interests of those reading my blog.

Here's what the gummies look like. They're all citrus/fruit flavored and taste great! It really just feels like I'm eating a pack of candy every day, so it turns taking vitamins into a treat. Honestly, I would forget to take them if I didn't look forward to having them every day. I eat them in the morning after I have my breakfast. They're an easy way to support a healthy lifestyle.
Bottom Line: I think Vitafive is a really convenient and fun way to stay up on your supplements. They have a ton of different options, so there's surely a pack to suit your needs. Plus, you can always do the custom option to build the pack that will fit you perfectly!

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