Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July Vellabox Vivere Review

I am crazy-obsessed with candles and I have a linen closet full of them to prove it! Vellabox is the perfect subscription for me; they send small batch, hand poured candles for really reasonable prices.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Vellabox sends hand picked, high quality candles that are all non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, and made by American artisans. They have three subscription options:
  • Lucerna - $10/month for one 4 oz candle and one surprise gift
  • Ignis - $20/month for one 8 oz candle and one surprise gift
  • Vivere - $30/month for one 8 oz and one 4 oz candle and one surprise gift
Shipping is free and currently they only ship to the U.S. The only extra charge is required sales tax for residents of California, since Vellabox is based out of Los Angeles.

I love the packaging and presentation of this box. I didn't expect the candles to be wrapped so beautifully! I mean, not that I expected it to be poorly packaged, but the extra wraps are such a nice touch and can be reused as gift wrap. The extra surprise item is a fun touch, too.

This month's 8 oz candle is Italian Bergamot and Persian Lime by Pure Plant Home ($22). As the name suggests, all of their aromas are derived from plants. The wax is made from cold-pressed citrus fruits. It's vegan and has no synthetic fragrances or chemicals. I love bergamot but not so much lime, and while this does have a strong lime scent, the balance is good and this has a great scent throw. The jar itself is really pretty, too, and I can't wait to reuse it once the candle is gone.

The 4 oz candle is Red Currant and Rose by 1502 Candle Co ($14). I love the packaging on this! As far as the scent goes, I love red currant but not so much rose. Anything that's strongly scented of rose makes me sneeze, but luckily the red currant notes are strongest with this. The blend is nice and I think it's a great scent for summer.

I want to point out that the 8 oz candle is actually 7 oz and the 4 oz candle is actually 6 oz (all weights taken from the brands' respective websites). I can understand that Vellabox may have to play around with the actual sizes once in a while, since finding candles that are exactly 8 and 4 ounces each month may be challenging. This month's candles actually total 13 oz, which is more than the 8+4 advertised on the Vellabox site. 
Bottom Line: I think Vellabox is a must-have for any candle lover! The two candles they sent for July are fantastic and perfect for summer. I think it's great that they feature small business making high quality, handcrafted candles. I will definitely be subscribing for their fall boxes, since fall scents are my favorites.

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