Sunday, August 7, 2016

August Degustabox Review and Coupon

I have a new favorite food box, and it's Degustabox. I reviewed their inaugural box last month (read that here), and I'm back again with their offerings for August!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

Degustabox is a fantastic new food and snacks subscription that just launched in the U.S. in July. They send at least 10 full-sized products for the ridiculously low price of $19.99 per month! I feel like similar boxes cost at least $30. Shipping is free, too.

This box is huge, and it comes with full-page (8"x11") informational cards. This month's box also had an extra insert with "Degustagami" on one side and a "Degustaquiz" crossword puzzle on the other side.

Another great thing about Degustabox is that you can review all of the products on their website and earn five points per review. Once you have 100 points you can get a free box! You can also get 50 points per referral for referring a friend, and 25, 50, or 75 points for purchasing a one, three, or six month gift subscription (respectively).

August's box had 10 different full-sized products if you only count the brands represented, but if you count the actual individual packages there are 14 products.
  • Loacker Rose of the Dolomite ($1.76 each) - These little chocolates are so pretty and so delicious! There are four per box and they have crunchy hazelnut pieces inside. They're available in white, dark, and milk chocolate. I received two boxes of milk chocolate.
  • popchips Ridges in Cheddar and Sour Cream ($1.25) - Okay, these are opened because I had to eat them right away when I received the box, and I didn't take photos until the next day. I ate them so quickly because they're so good! If you've never had popchips before, they're lighter and fluffier than regular chips and have a great crunch.
  • Goetze's Mini Cow Tales ($3.49) - I was just talking with my dad about how much we like Goetze's caramels and then these arrived. They're made with a chewy caramel with a cream center. I didn't realize they're also available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel apple flavors. This bag is for the original flavor.
  • Oregon Chai Tea Latte ($3.99) - I love chai! I've had this brand before and it's very good. I'll probably take this to work to have as an alternative to coffee some days.
  • ALO Allure Pulp Free ($1.99) - This drink is a blend of aloe vera, mangosteen, and mango. The info card says mangosteen was "once forbidden," but I don't know why. I do know that a mangosteen is not anything like a mango, but I do love mango and I'm interested to see how this tastes. I'm also glad it's pulp-free.
  • White Lily White Grape Seed and Wheat Flour ($5.49) - This is a Non-GMO Project verified flour and a product of a partnership between White Lily and Shepherd's Grain farmers. White Lily strives to connect consumers with family farmers.
  • Sir Kensington's Chipotle Mayonnaise ($5.99) - I love chipotle mayo and I've heard good things about Sir Kensington's. This tastes great and has a really good kick! I'll definitely be using it on my sandwiches.
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Mini Meat Sticks ($4.99 for a six pack) - There are two each of the Cracked Pepper stick, made with lean beef, pork, and cracked pepper; and the Turkey Pepperoni made with turkey, peppers, paprika and garlic. Vermont Smoke & Cure has been making these since 1962 and they sound delicious!
  • Goya Maria Cookies ($.99) - I was excited to try these because I was imagining crunchy, buttery cookies, but these tastes more like animal crackers, if you've ever had those. They aren't bad by any means, I was just hoping for a little bit of a stronger flavor.
  • Post Honey Bunches of Oats ($2.83) - Honey Bunches of Oats is one of my favorite cereals and I'm glad I got the strawberry variety. It's also available in Honey Roasted, Almond, and Vanilla flavors. It has crunchy granola clusters with a touch of honey.
Bottom Line: This month's Degustabox had a total retail value of $34.53. It's just a little bit over the $19.99 price of the box, but to be honest I think the retail prices listed on the info card are on the low end. I worked at a grocery store for six years through high school and college and a lot of these products were priced at higher prices than these. Regardless, you're still getting a pretty great bang for your buck since all of these products are full-sized!

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