Sunday, January 8, 2017

December The Music Box Review and Coupon

If you like discovering new music then you should definitely check out The Music Box! They're the #1 music-related subscription box and they have three affordable options that bring new artists to your door every month.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The Music Box sends carefully-selected music from their Featured Artists, and a portion of their proceeds will be used to sponsor these artists. They have three box options, all with free shipping:
  • The Envelope - $5 per month (retail value $15) for an exclusive monthly compilation CD with various artists and genres. This is also available digitally as an e-mail including a download of the CD.
  • The Box - $12 per month (retail value $20+) for two CDs and extra swag such as tickets, stickers, download cards, candy, and more!
  • The Bundle - $15 per month (retail value $35) for both The Envelope and The Box.
They also have a new Rock Vinyl Box for $36.95 and free shipping (ships to U.S. only) with a 12" vinyl, 7" vinyl, three CDs, and a band t-shirt.

The Music Box is available for the following genres:
  • Pop/Rock
  • Pop/Punk
  • Alternative/Indie
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock/Metal
  • Surprise (all genres)

I have to admit that I'm not a huge music person; I mostly listen to show tunes! But I do appreciate good artists and songwriters, and I think The Music Box is a great way to discover new music. This review is for The Bundle and I believe I received the Pop/Rock one, based on the Featured Artists.

As promised, The Bundle contained two CDs and a bunch of fun swag. There were three cards for digital downloads, two stickers, and a keychain. I think this is a great value for only $12!

The Featured Artists for December were Retro Youth and Nick Urb. The info card that came with the box lists both of their Facebook pages, and Retro Youth is under the rock genre and Nick Urb is folk/acoustic/pop. I listened to both CDs and I have to say, I did enjoy both!

Nick Urb's Until the End of Days is a little more my style, as I tend to gravitate more towards the chill acoustic side of rock. The songs are relaxing and are something one might expect to hear in a coffee shop--there's definitely a chill vibe. I really like it!

Retro Youth is from the UK and their debut album, B.R.A.V.E. was also included. Their style is definitely pop/rock, with driving drumbeats and guitar. Like I said, I'm not familiar with a lot of artists from this genre, but they kind of remind me of The Killers mixed with a more alternative vibe, if that makes sense?

The Bundle also contained three cards with free digital downloads for Jerry Dale Harris, Dylan Lloyd, and Panic in Eden. I took a closeup photo of Jerry Dale Harris's card because it was signed which was a nice touch! With these digital downloads you're getting three extra albums on top of the 2 CDs that came with the box,

I downloaded Jerry Dale Harris's album Modus Operandi and I really like it. His style is rock/folk and is recommended for fans of artists like Ed Sheeran.

I haven't downloaded the Panic in Eden or Dylan Lloyd albums yet, but I sampled both on their websites. Panic in Eden has a classic rock vibe, kind of reminds me of Led Zep, with a southern rock twist, too. Dylan Lloyd is listed as pop/cool pop on his Facebook page and I think that's an accurate description. His music reminds me of Usher.
Bottom Line: I think The Music Box is a great way to discover new music and it's really affordable. I like that they use some of their proceeds to support their featured artists. If you like discover new, independent artists then you have to give this box a try!

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