Monday, January 16, 2012

Deep Steep Review

I am really excited to bring you this review of body care products because I have had an amazing time trying them out!  The kind folks at Deep Steep sent me a body wash, body butter, and body mist to try, along with some literature about the company.

First, a little bit of background information on Deep Steep: they create "Clean, Pure, Natural" products that are "Everyday affordable luxury."  Truer statements could not be said!  The company's philosophy is "to offer the world's finest natural personal care products guaranteed FREE of chemical preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil, lauryl sulfate and other questionable ingredients."  Along with being free of all of those previously listed products that really have no place in skin care, their products are guaranteed cruelty free.  Deep Steep is exactly the kind of company that I want to support!  I first heard of them through Eco Emi; their Candy Mint Foot Cream was featured in the November box (which, I unfortunately missed out on, but that's another tale).

At the request of Deep Steep, I used these products for a full week before writing up this review in order to really see how they worked and how they made me feel.  I can happily report that I LOVE them!  Pictured above are the Body Wash and Body Butter, which I received in Lavender Chamomile and Tangerine Melon, respectively.  I wanted to try a variety of their scents, because if you haven't learned by now, I'm a very scent-driven person.

And here they are outside of their packaging.  The Body Wash has the cutest slogan: "A rather luxurious lather."  Their formula combines shea and cocoa butters to hydrate and restore skin's elasticity, and has organic plant extracts to further moisturize and tone.  The consistency of the wash was on par with others I've tried, in that it lathered up very well on my bath pouf.  The scent is absolutely heavenly--I take my showers at night, and the lavender was really calming.  Combining the warmth of the shower with the relaxing scent was a great way to end my nights before going to bed.  Deep Steep products are also scented with natural essential oils, you won't have to worry about having an overpowering scent left on your body.  I found that the body wash left a very light and pleasing amount of scent.  If I had a body butter in the same scent I would definitely layer it over the wash after a shower to enhance it just a bit.

The Body Butter is equally luxurious!  To me, luxury is best found in life's simple pleasures--and one of my most favorite simple pleasures is indulging in organic and natural skin care.  I'm a lotion/body butter fiend; I can't get enough.  In contrast to the body wash, which I used at night, I used the Tangerine Melon Body Butter in the morning.  The scent is bright, citrusy, and a bit tangy--perfect for waking up!  It's a bit strong at first, but as with the body wash, it's made from natural essential oils so it doesn't leave an offensively strong scent on  your body.  Deep Steep uses "nature's hardest working emollients" to restore moisture to skin that's in need of intensive repair in this "supremely rich, quickly absorbing" body butter.  What I enjoyed the most about this body butter was the consistency.  It really is supremely rich, and the consistency is so creamy.  It's got a great texture that really feels the way I think a body butter should feel (thick, yet still silky smooth).  That may sound odd, because isn't that what all body butters feel like?  In my experience, no.  I've bought some "body butters" from mass-market retailers that felt like they were pure wax and petroleum--yuck.  This one from Deep Steep is miles above the rest!

How cute is their little duck mascot (next to the top of the barcode)?
Lasty, we have the body spray.  This is one of Deep Steep's newest products, and I was very thankful to get the opportunity to try it.  The scent is Rosemary Mint, which layered perfectly over the Lavender Chamomile body wash.  I sprayed it on my body after my nightly shower, and sprayed a little on my pillows, too.  Now, this body spray is different than some you may have tried before: their goal is not to create something that smells like a bubblegum-crazy preteen perfume (nothing against those, but they aren't my style), but instead something that you can really connect to and will make you feel renewed.  The Rosemary Mint scent is so clean and soothing.  I actually just sprayed some onto my arm and I can't stop sniffing myself (weird--I know).  But it really smells that good.  Imagine you're walking through the forest, and just breathing in all of the scents around you: that's how Deep Steep products make me feel.  I feel at ease, renewed, and also that I'm wanting more!

One last picture -- I love the "We aim to please" on the box flaps!
Bottom Line: Deep Steep creates an exemplary line of skin care products that is cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients.  I honestly can't rave about them enough!  I'm adding them to my list of top companies and plan to purchase many, many more items from them.  Their prices are very reasonable and well worth the quality of product you receive.  If you've never tried natural skin care before, I urge you to start with Deep Steep -- you'll never go back to the mass-market junk that's out there!

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*Disclaimer: I received a body wash, body butter, and body mist from Deep Steep free of charge to facilitate my review.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions expressed in this entry are entirely my own.

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