Saturday, January 28, 2012

January MyGlam Glam Bag Review

There has been some serious craziness surrounding the January MyGlam Glam Bags.  If you haven't heard of MyGlam, you're probably lucky at this point.  They are yet another monthly beauty subscription service; they send out a cute makeup bag with 4-5 samples (and full-sized products) at $10 a month.  I was able to snag a January bag back in December, but new subscriptions are currently closed.

More on the drama at the end of this post, for now, the review:

What I like about the Glam Bags is that they're a little bit different than other services.  Instead of a box, you get a bag, which is a cute idea.  The only issue then becomes how many makeup bags does a girl really need?  At least with my boxes I can recycle them.  I was really excited to get the January bag because the theme was "Back To Nature," and since I like to focus on eco-friendly and green products, it was perfect!  The items in the bag were:

  • Wen Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner (2 fl oz) - I've heard a lot of good things about Wen, so I was really interested to try this.  It smells nice (I love mint), but I don't feel like it made my hair feel any different than my current conditioner.
  • Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask (6 fl oz) - Some were upset that this wasn't a more high-end product, but I like that at least it's a full-sized bottle.  I love peel off masks, I think they're really fun, and this one was really easy to peel off.  It smells nice and slightly sweet.
  • SheerCover Duo Concealer in Light/Medium - I didn't think I would like this that much, but I actually do.  It might even be my favorite product in the bag.  I was lucky enough to get a shade that matched my complexion, I know some subscribers were not so lucky.  It has a good consistency and covers my blemishes well.  It also feels very light on my skin.
  • The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow in Shameless Shana - This isn't shown in the photo above because I actually traded for another product, and already sent the eyeshadow on its way to its new owner.  You could have gotten either an eyeshadow or a nail polish, and I preferred the nail polish.  The shade I got, though, was a rich, shimmery brown/gold (Diane Cristi has a photo on her blog).

MyGlam is only two months old.  I like the idea behind it, and I like their products better than Birchbox so far (I didn't get a December bag, but I liked what they had in it based on other peoples' reviews).  The only problem is that I think they just exploded and got too big too quickly.  The fiasco with the January bags was that there was a delay in shipping that was mostly the post office's fault, but MyGlam didn't handle it very well.  A lot of people were upset because it seemed like MyGlam didn't address the issue professionally and right away -- to me it seemed like they kept saying "Your Glam Bag is coming, don't worry, kthxbai!!," when they should have announced to everyone sooner about the delay in shipping.

Honestly, I don't really mind so much when shipments get delayed.  Two other services I was/am subscribed to had similar issues between December and January, and I blame it on the heavy increase of parcel shipments for the holidays.  Sometimes stuff happens.  But some subscribers didn't receive bags at all, or received damaged products.  One girl posted on MyGlam's Facebook a photo of her bag, and the nail polish she got had broken open and spilled all over her other products.  I didn't have any issues other than receiving my bag late, but for those who had more serious problems like broken items or no bags at all, it seemed as though it was very difficult for them to get a straight answer out of MyGlam for a refund (but, then again--a lot of people were just complaining about it on their Facebook wall, which isn't the place to address such issues).

Bottom Line: I cancelled my subscription to MyGlam after this bag, but not because of the shipping issues.  I wanted to try them out, but based off of this bag I like my other two subscriptions better.  I'm limiting myself to only two for the sake of my bank account.  I think that MyGlam will be a lot of fun once they are able to iron out a few issues.


  1. Neat products, I don't blame you for canceling. I would stick to the ones you like the best. You got some pretty neat products in here. I think the shadow is gorgeous although not my color. I like lip balms and lotions etc. I've only received one from Cravebox and still haven't received January's yet. Based on when they sent them out I should have gotten one a week or so ago like I did my first one. I'll give them a couple of days then try to contact them.

  2. As a marketing student, they could learn a thing or two about customer service. I think they'll learn as they go.. and I signed up for the next bag, so we'll see how it goes! Something I see being interesting is them posting "clues" on their facebook page about what's in the February box. Kind of sets people up for disappointment if they expect one thing and get another.

  3. I tried Birchbox. I signed up for the monthly subscription since I could either continue each month or cancel if I wanted. I didn't receive my first box so I contacted Birchbox and got my refund. I did get the second box when it was expected. I wasn't that thrilled with what I got. Very small samples. I did like the travel package of Yes, to Blueberries face cloths. They feel and smell very good. I can get these at my local stores $7.99. Cheap. Most of what I got was for skin care. I guess that is because I fall into the over 35 category. If I try it again or another, I will make sure to check that I want to try all kinds of makeup.

    1. I'm not sure if your age had much to do with it; one of the major complaints with Birchbox is that they send way too much skincare and not enough cosmetics. I'm under 35 but still cancelled (Birchbox) because I was getting too much skincare.

  4. I actually like the products you got in your MyGlam bag! I haven't heard a lot of great things about MyGlam though which has prevented me from signing up with them. I just signed up with Birchbox and Beauty Army a couple weeks ago and I have already received my Beauty Army box! I am so happy with all of the samples I got, especially since I got to pick all my samples. Can't wait for my Birchbox!

    1. They definitely got off to a rough start but I think that they've ironed out most of their wrinkles. I'm not currently subscribed, but I think I remember them saying that they're going to open up more memberships soon.

      I've heard great things about Beauty Army, and I love Birchbox--I actually just resubscribed after taking a few months off.


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