Monday, March 19, 2012

March Conscious Box

It's Conscious Box time!  My March box arrived a few days ago and I must say, they have the best shipping of any services I've ever tried.  It only took about three business days to arrive -- some other services took as long as 10 days.  I live in western New York, and my box made it all the way from their shipping facility in California in that short amount of time.  Conscious Box costs $19 a month ($12 + $7 shipping) and contains 10-15 eco-friendly lifestyle items.

The theme for March's box was spring energy and invigoration.  It was a little lacking compared to previous boxes, but I've been so pleased with the ones I've gotten since beginning the service in December that I could forgive this one for being a little less exciting.  That's not to say it still wasn't good, though...

The first thing I thought when I opened the box was, "Yes! Chips!"  I love food food food :)  Here is everything that was included this month:
  • MixtBag Yellow and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Mineral Hygienics $15 gift card
  • Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie promo code for one free cookie
  • EBOOST Pink Lemonade mix packet
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers
  • Hip Mountain Mama $5 off gift code
  • Olbas throat lozenge
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds green lettuce
  • Java Juice coffee extract packet
  • Good Kind Coffee Creamer
  • Tea Forte Minteas in Regroup
  • Olivella olive shampoo
  • Healthy To Go! Acai Energy Boost drink mix
  • Tera's Whey Pomegranate Cranberry (bonus item)

I've tried a majority of the items and my favorite is definitely the Tea Forte Minteas.  They're pear flavored and made with white tea and are absolutely delicious!  It's a full-sized tin and contains quite a few mints.  My least favorite is the Eboost--I'm so sick of Eboost and "health boost" drink mixes in general!  I've received them in boxes for quite a few subscriptions services and I just don't like them.  They taste weird and I think they're pretty useless in general.

As you can see, this box was mostly food items.  Actually, it's made up of all edible things (counting the throat lozenge), except for the gift cards/codes and the Olivella shampoo.  But that's okay for me, since I like trying new foods.  The Acai drink mix was not my style, but I loved the MixtBag chips and the multi-grain crackers. I'm a little apprehensive to try the whey because the idea of it kind of weirds me out.  I know my brother uses whey protein drinks after he works out, so maybe I'll pass it along to him.  Oh and I also tried the Java Juice -- it was too bitter for my taste but I think it's a cool idea.
Bottom Line: While I wasn't jumping up and down over this month's box, I was still pleased with the items and the service as a whole.  I love Conscious Box, but I wish there was an option to put my subscription on hold for a month or two because I'm getting a bit overloaded with samples at the moment.  At least most of these I can eat to get rid of!

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