Friday, May 10, 2013

May Flicker Box Review (Inaugural Box)

When I first heard about Flicker Box I knew I had to try it -- I am a huge candle hoarder!  I have a whole drawer full of them.  Flicker Box is a new start up run by Kristina out of Chicago, and each month you'll get a curated box of artisan candles.  I'm really impressed by the first box!

My box arrived fairly quickly; I think the time between receiving my shipping notification and actually getting the box was only two or three days at most.  All of the candles are made in the United States, and I'm going to assume that each month will feature a different theme.  This month's theme was beeswax candles.

Flicker Box costs $32 a month, with options for three month ($96),six month ($165), and 12 month subscriptions ($300).  Shipping is included in all of these rates.  While they may seem expensive, consider that you're receiving four to five artisan, handmade candles.  I know that the three-wicks at Bath & Body Works are $20 each, so hopefully that helps to put the price into perspective a bit.

The inaugural box contained five candles, seven if you count each of the tealights separately.  The first brand I noticed on the informational card was one of my favorites, Big Dipper Wax Works, which I was first introduced to through Eco Emi.  Here's a list of all of the brands that were featured:

  • Big Dipper Wax Works 1.7 oz Beeswax tin and 3.1 oz. Beeswax glass jar
  • Bluecorn Naturals 100% Pure Beeswax 2" pillar
  • OneHoney - Chicago Honey Co-Op Bear Hugging Hive
  • Scent From Nature 100% Pure Beeswax Tealights

Even though all of the candles were beeswax, I like that there was still a variety of forms included.  Tealights are always useful, and the bear candle is absolutely adorable.  I also like that the Big Dipper Wax Works candles are in containers.  I would have liked to have gotten some scented candles, but I'm sure that Flicker Box will have plenty of those in months to come.  If you're interested, you can use the coupon code "MOM15" through Sunday (May 12th) to take 15% off all prepaid subscriptions.

Bottom Line: I'm really impressed by Flicker Box and I think it's a fantastic choice for any candle lover.  Even if you can only afford to do one month, it's definitely a nice treat!

*Disclaimer: I received a Flicker Box free of charge to facilitate my review.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.


  1. Ooo!! I like this box!!

    1. It's such a great idea. I love candles, so this was perfect for me!


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