Friday, May 17, 2013

RocksBox Review (Box #2)

I never ended up filming an unboxing video for my second RocksBox, but I'm here with a blog review.  I've been really excited about receiving my boxes because I've recently gotten more into jewelry and accessorizing, and getting a surprise of three high-end pieces in the mail is a lot of fun.  If you're new to RocksBox, you can learn more about it at my post for my first box.

I've received three boxes so far (review for my third one is upcoming, I've just fallen a bit behind on non-sponsored posts), and I have yet to receive one where I loved all three pieces.  I haven't hated all of the pieces either, though, so that's a good thing.  I modified my style profile recently, so maybe my selections will be better for my fourth box.  I've left feedback on the items I've gotten so far, so that will help them narrow things down for me as well.

My first piece is this Benatar Statement Necklace by CC Skye, which I absolutely loved!  When I opened the box it was the first thing that caught my eye, and I said an emphatic "oooh, pretty!" out loud.  Dangly statement necklaces are definitely my style.  This one retails for $220, which is way more than I would ever pay for something like this, so it was fun to be able to wear it around.  It was of substantial weight, too, so you can tell it wasn't a cheaper piece from Forever 21 (I love my Forever 21 jewelry, just making a comparison there!).  I would have loved to have purchased this, but it was just too far out of my price range, even with the membership discount.


Next up is the Infinity II Ring by Gorjana, which I also loved.  It's a nice, dainty ring, and I just thought that the design was really cool.  I wasn't able to wear it, because as you can see from the photo above it was too small for my finger.  It retails for $40, and was only $28 with the membership discount.  I would have bought this one, too, if it had fit.

My last item was this pair of earrings, the Two Stone Drop Earrings in Ruby Black by Margaret Elizabeth.  These retail for $115, which I don't understand.  Druses aren't particularly expensive, at least I didn't think so, and the reddish gems weren't made of anything special, either.  I like the silhouette of these, just not the stones.  I realized that druzy jewelry is not for me.

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Bottom Line: Even though I really liked two out of my three pieces, I was only able to wear the necklace because the ring didn't fit.  But despite that, I'm still having such a fun time with RocksBox and I can't wait to see what they send next!

*Disclaimer: I received a six month RocksBox membership for free through the iFabbo shop. I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.  Some links in this post are referral links.

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