Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December Little Black Bag Review

I decided to open a Little Black Bag for December (I actually bought two) because I only open when there's a purse I really want.  This time it was a Deux Lux crossbody, and if you've been around my blog for a little while you'll know that Deux Lux is one of my favorite brands!

I received a four item bundle that cost me $45.90 after shipping (I also got a Goose Creek candle that isn't pictured above).  I really love the purse, and the socks and earrings will be put to good use as well.

The Deux Lux Laurel Canyon Small Messenger in Teal is the item I opened with, and it has a retail value of $115.  I bought another small messenger from Deux Lux (the Bowery B-Sides) off of eBay shortly before receiving this one, and it has basically the same shape.  I was a bit concerned because the top flap of the Bowery doesn't lift up very far and the bag itself doesn't stretch too far, but this one is roomier.  The bottom has a zipper that expands, so I'm able to fit a lot more into it.  I'm really happy with this bag!

I know that the Lemon brand socks have been pretty popular with LBB users, but I was never really that interested in them.  I shipped this pair because trading was horribly slow, as usual, and I couldn't really trade for anything else.  These are the Lemon Farmhouse Herringbone Knee-Hi socks and they are really nice quality.  They're super soft and I do like them, but I can't say I would have bought them otherwise.

Another item I received because I couldn't trade for anything else was this pair of earrings by Robert Rose, the Oval Stone Drop Earrings.  They only retailed for $8 I think, so clearly no one was willing to trade down that much, but I'm actually very happy with them and didn't mind shipping them because I think they're pretty.  I don't like to wear earrings that are too long, and these dangle but are just the right size so that they don't get in my way or irritate me.

My final item was the Goose Creek Candle Co Winter Splendor Large Jar Candle.  I love it!  I'm a total candle hoarder and I've gotten other Goose Creek candles from LBB before, so I knew they were good quality.  This one smells just like Christmas--the notes I can pick out the most while it's burning are pine and a slight hint of spice.  It's 26 oz and has a burn time of 150 hours, so it will last me for a while.

Bottom Line: In the past I would have been able to get a better bang for my buck and more items on LBB, but I'm still happy with this bundle.  All of the items were good quality and things I'll use, so I can't complain too much.

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