Wednesday, January 29, 2014

STEAMCREAM Review: Shu Tin

I am all about moisturizing, especially during the winter months.  I know the polar vortex has been pretty brutal all across the country, but I can say for certain that it's been absolutely frigid here in western New York.  I hate having dry skin, and these cold temperatures make it even worse because there's hardly any moisture in the air to spare.  I find that my hands are especially scaly and itchy this time of year, which is why STEAMCREAM has been a lifesaver for me!

STEAMCREAM is a cruelty-free moisturizer that's gentle enough to use on your face, or you can use it all over.  The brand is a UK staple, and the product recently became available in the States as well.  They use a unique steam process that locks in moisture, making the handmade cream a lightweight emulsion that is easily and effectively absorbed into the skin.  Only the best ingredients are used, including an oatmeal infusion, lavender essential oil, and organic jojoba oil (a full list can be found here).

I chose to review the beautiful Shu tin, as I was drawn to the gorgeous, bright pattern.  The STEAMCREAM website describes the design as, "Vermillion red, the intense colour of fine Japanese lacquerware, and in the makie tradition, delicately adorned with golden flowers."  I love that each STEAMCREAM tin is a limited-edition design that can be reused as a container for rings or other trinkets long after the cream is gone!

I've been using the Shu STEAMCREAM on my face, hands, and body and it really has worked wonders.  I love how silky smooth it feels when I apply it, and I appreciate that it absorbs nice and quickly.  Some people may not like that it's in a tin and not a pump dispenser, but I personally prefer the tin because I feel like it's easier to use when I'm in a hurry to get ready in the morning.  They're also nice and portable, and I plan to take one of my tins (see my previous reviews here) with me when I go on vacation to Florida next month.

Bottom Line: STEAMCREAM is an excellent moisturizer that delivers on all of its promises.  I love that it's cruelty-free, made from natural ingredients, affordable, and incredibly effective.  I recommend STEAMCREAM to everyone I know!

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by STEAMCREAM.  I received no monetary compensation.

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