Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Liquid BioCell SKIN Review

We've all heard the sayings "beauty comes from within" and "you are what you eat."  Liquid BioCell SKIN, a new nutricosmetic supplement, makes good on both of these maxims!  It is the only liquid collagen and hyaluronic acid supplement on the market that's been proven effective by nearly 40 clinical trials.

Liquid BioCell is available in three different formulas: Sport, Life, and Skin.  I chose to review Skin because I had never tried a skincare product like this before.  In clinical trials it has been shown to reduce deep lines and wrinkles, decrease dryness, increase skin's collagen content, and reduce hyaluronidase (an enzyme that makes your skin age).  It also works to increase skin's tone and firmness.

Two of the main ingredients, collagen and hyaluronic acid, are naturally found in our bodies and are chief components of healthy connective tissue throughout the body.  In regards to your skin, they are essential for hydration, tissue repair, and an overall youthful appearance.  Only two ounces twice a day of Liquid BioCell SKIN are necessary to start transforming your skin.

I wasn't quite sure how Liquid BioCell SKIN would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised!  As you can see from the photo above, it also contains fruits, pomegranate, green tea, and grape seed extracts. The flavor most closely resembles cranberry juice to me, and I enjoyed drinking it.  You could also mix the serving into a smoothie or other drink if you'd like.

I have been drinking Liquid BioCell SKIN for about a month, but the suggested time period for seeing results is 12 weeks.  I am confident that I will see beneficial results after that time since the product is backed by nearly 40 clinical trials.  One of their 12-week bioavailability studes demonstrated that within as little as 28 days, daily intake of Liquid BioCell SKIN led to a 6000% increase in hyaluronic acid in the body, essentially decreasing wrinkles from the inside out without the need for cosmetic injections.  They even have an app, called "Hello Beautiful!" (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play) that you can download to track your results by taking selfies at different intervals.  I can say that I have noticed a reduction in dryness on my face.  My skin is combination, most of the time it's oily in my T-zone but I do get patches of rough skin on my cheeks.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a way to firm up your skin without having to rely on injections, Liquid BioCell SKIN is definitely worth looking at.  They're backed by proven results in clinical trials, and I like how simple it is to use.  It tastes great, and you only need to drink four ounces a day.  Easy!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent for review purposes.

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