Saturday, October 4, 2014

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Review

Every few months, ModCloth sells their Stylish Surprise mystery boxes to clear out that seasons' inventory.  I missed their last sale, and by the time I heard about this one they only had dress boxes left.  The other options were shoes and apparel, and I probably would have gone for an apparel box if they were still available.  But regardless, I was happy to snatch up two dress boxes for only $10 each!

As I said, each dress was only $10 each, so I had to restrain myself from ordering more than two (I'm trying to be a little less impulsive with shopping lately).  I also figured that I didn't want to risk getting three dresses that I wouldn't wear, so two was a safe enough risk.  When the box arrived, they had packaged both dresses in one box, which I was glad they did since it's less wasteful.

At first glance I thought, "Hmm.  I think I'll like these!"  I noticed the color of the turquoise one right away and figured I would love it, but wasn't as sure about the lace one.  I do like lace, but I was hoping for some dresses I could wear to work (my office is pretty business casual), and lace is usually a bit too dressy for that environment.

Ta da!  I don't know the names of these dresses and I'm too lazy to go through ModCloth's site to find them, but they are both cute.  That being said, the lace one is entirely not my style.  It reminds me more of a prom dress.  I did really like the one on the right, though--the color is perfect and the style is fun without being too revealing.  Both are size medium.

I knew I would never wear the black and white dress under any circumstances, so I gifted it to a friend.  When I tried on the turquoise one, I was really disappointed to find that it didn't fit!  It has a zipper in the back, and it was just a tad bit too small and didn't zip up all the way.  If I lost a few pounds it would probably fit, but...meh.  I don't really need to lose weight at the moment, so I'm not going to go crazy trying to drop it for one dress.

Bottom Line: This Stylish Surprise box was a bust for me, but it wasn't ModCloth's fault.  I actually do think both dresses are cute, one just happened to not be my style and the other one didn't fit.  Next time I know to order a size up, and hopefully I'll have better luck!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I don't know why, but I had no idea they did this!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    1. I wasn't aware of it, either until I saw a review for it on another blog the last time around. You're welcome!

  2. I like both of these! They do seem more suited to special occasions though. But at least they're not bridal dresses, right? :)


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