Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. Review #MSA02

If you're reading my blog, then I'm sure you also read My Subscription Addiction.  Liz reviews tons of different subscription services, and the site even has a swap section where you can trade sub box items that you won't use (I'm a member and I love it).  When I found out that she was going to have her own Quarterly Co. box I wanted to sign up, but I was subscribed to Harry Shum, Jr.'s at the time and couldn't afford both.  Harry's box ended up being discontinued after the first one, so I took that as a sign to subscribe to Liz's!

Most Quartery boxes cost $50 per month (some are more expensive), including this one.  I was able to get this box for $40 because I had a coupon code for $10 off of your first box.  I loved every item in the first MSA box and I was bummed that I missed out on it, so I made sure to subscribe in time for the second one.  Here's what Liz had to say about it:
For this winter box, I wanted to include everything you need for a cozy day at home, a little holiday sparkle, and one of my favorite winter skincare items!
"Cozy day at home" might be my four most favorite words in the English language!  When the first spoiler was released (for the Faribault blanket) I became even more excited.  I know some people weren't as pleased with this box as the first one, but I like it quite a bit.  For me, Quarterly boxes are all about seeing how the box is curated, regardless of the caliber of brands that are included.

  • Foot Traffic Fuzzy Slipper Socks ($9) - I have so many pairs of fuzzy socks, but I'm always happy to have more!  I love getting a new pair because they're always so soft and warm, and these are no exception.  There were three color variations, and I'm glad I got the purple ones because it's one of my favorite colors.  These also have grippers on the bottom so you don't slide everywhere you walk.
  • BaubleBar Ice Circle Pendant ($32) - Liz said she wanted to include a "sparkly yet subtle" piece of jewelry in the box, and I think this necklace was the perfect choice.  I prefer daintier jewelry and I think this is great to wear to work or to a holiday party.
  • Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Throw in Red Whip Stitching ($64) - I love this blanket so much!  I said that I loved cozy things, and I was not lying--I couldn't wait to get this box because of this blanket!  It's made of wool so it isn't super soft at first, but you can just wash it and it will become softer with each wash.  I don't mind the texture, though, what matters to me is that it's super warm.
  • Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadows in White Quartz and Addiction ($20 each) - I'm glad Liz has a passion for natural and organic beauty, because I prefer to use those types of products as well.  These eyeshadows are non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, non-nano, and made in a USDA-certified organic facility.  The White Quartz shade is great to use as a highlighter, and Addiction was made specially for this box!
  • Yes to Carrots Fragrance-Free Intense Hydration Night Cream ($13) - I think this may have been the most derisive product in the box based on some other reviews and comments I've seen.  I really like the "Yes To" brand because they're an affordable cruelty-free option and their products have great efficacy.  Plus, this night cream is great for winter skin!
Bottom Line: This box had a total retail value of $158, plus it included an eyeshadow that was only available through the box!  I'm very happy with the products that Liz selected and I will use all of them.  The blanket is definitely my favorite, and overall I think there was a good variety of items in this box.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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