Sunday, May 3, 2015

April Neck Tiephoon Review

I feel like more and more men's subscriptions are popping up everywhere and that's a great thing! Neck Tiephoon is a new tie subscription that's perfect for the guy who wants to look great without having to go out and shop for himself.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

Neck Tiephoon sends high fashion ties straight to the discerning man's door. The ties are randomly selected, but unless you really hate surprises, that shouldn't be a problem because they only send high quality ones. This allows them to keep the price point affordable. Speaking of, here are the three price options:
  • Basic Subscription - $10 per month
  • Premium Subscription - $25 per month
  • Monthly Tie Subscription Plus - $35 per month
I couldn't find a description on their website about the difference between the Basic and Premium subscriptions, but I would guess that the Premium ties are from higher-end brands. The Monthly Tie Subscription Plus comes with a tie and an additional random piece, such as a tie bar, cuff links, or "something completely random for the well-dressed gentle person you are," per the Neck Tiephoon website.

Orders are shipped on the 15th of every month and you will automatically be re-billed on the 1st of each month for that month's tie. You can cancel anytime. I'm not sure if they ship outside of the U.S. because I couldn't find an answer on their site.

I appreciate simple packaging because I don't enjoy wasteful box-inside-a-box nonsense or the like, so I was pleased that Neck Tiephoon ships in a simple white box. The tie is well-protected inside, so no need to worry about it getting ruined en route to you.

The tie is folded up and packaged inside of a protective plastic wrapper and padded with tissue paper. I made the mistake of assuming that the plastic opened on the smaller end of the tie (I know, that doesn't really make sense now that I think about it), so when I picked it up it slid out from the bottom of the wrapper. Luckily my floors aren't too dirty, ha!

The tie we received is a red paisley design from Manzini Neckwear Collection. I had never heard of this brand before and after a quick Google search I found that ties from them retail anywhere from $2.00 to around $15 on outlet sites and eBay. I couldn't find an actual website for the brand.

Before I talk more about the retail value, a little about the tie itself: it is well-made and feels nice and sturdy. By sturdy I mean that it will hold up for a long time; I know skinny, flimsy ties are fashionable now but Pete and I both prefer a good, solid tie. Paisley isn't his favorite pattern, but he does like red and will definitely wear this to work.

Now, on to what I think will be disappointing for some: I'm not so sure that the retail value of the ties that Neck Tiephoon sends will be equivalent to the price you pay for the box. I will say that I'm not sure if I was sent a "Basic" or "Premium" tie, so if this was a Basic shipment then I totally think it's worth it. Even though I found Manzini ties retailing for pretty low prices, I think $10 is fair and close enough in value to what I saw in other stores. Plus, the fact that Pete didn't have to go out shopping to find this was convenient and much appreciated by him. That being said, if I had paid the Premium or Monthly Tie Subscription Plus price I would have been disappointed.

Edited to add: Neck Tiephoon has informed me that they have higher-end brands of ties coming in soon!
Bottom Line: Most men I know do not enjoy shopping so I think subscriptions like Neck Tiephoon have added value due to their convenience. This subscription is perfect for men who have to wear business dress to work (or elsewhere) on a regular basis and is a great way to build up a tie collection. I'm interested to see what types of things are sent in the Premium and Subscription Plus boxes, since maybe they have a higher approximate retail value than the tie I received.

What do you think of Neck Tiephoon?

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  1. I really should subscribe my dude to a box like this. He has to wear a tie to work four days per week, but I've never seen him be like "OMG I can't wait to go shopping for ties!" Haha.


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