Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Beauty Box 5 Review

The theme for May's Beauty Box 5 is "S.O.S.," but not in the way you might think. Instead of a distress signal, this S.O.S. stands for "Super Outstanding Skin," and they've included complexion-saving products and quick makeup fixes to help you achieve that goal!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty Box 5 costs $12 a month, and shipping is free to U.S. addresses and $3 to Canada. Each box will have five deluxe samples and full-sized products ranging from skincare to cosmetics to accessories, and more!

I always think that Beauty Box 5 does a good job of including a variety of items. You'll never receive a box that's mostly lip products or nail polishes or something like that. May's assortment included another great mix of items.

  • Bio Swiss Stainless Steel Mini Tweezer ($4.99, full-sized) - I pluck my eyebrows multiple times a week (not a full shaping, but for maintenance) and I currently use a set of tweezers similar to these but they were getting dull. These arrived at the perfect time! They're easy to handle and very precise.
  • Essenza Luxury Hand Soap in Rosemary Mint ($.59 for 2 fl oz) - This has a very soothing scent and is perfect for travel. I might even keep this in my purse for those few times when you're using a bathroom and there's no soap--it doesn't happen often, but it happens!
  • Coastal Scents Classic/Synthetic Brush ($2.49, full-sized) - The info card says that an assortment of brushes was sent and I received the Classic Shadow Large Synthetic. I'm glad I got this one because it's the type of brush that I use most often.
  • dermalogica Active Moist ($4.24 for .24 fl oz) - This is an oil-free, lightweight lotion with silk amino acids to even out skin texture. dermalogica has great products but I'm currently drowning in moisturizers so I probably won't use this right away.
  • Styli-Style Blush/Highlighter Stick ($5.99 for .21 oz, full-sized) - The shade I got was "Bittersweet." The Styli-Style site says that it's brown/pink, but it looks a little too brown for my skin. I like wearing brighter blushes that pop against my medium skin and I think this one would blend in to my natural tone too much.
Bottom Line: This box had three full-sized products and a total approximate retail value of $18.30. I like the tweezers and the brush the best, and the hand soap is also convenient. Overall this wasn't my most favorite BB5, but I still think it had a good selection of products!

What do you think of Beauty Box 5?

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