Saturday, September 19, 2015

Farmacy Beauty Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask Review

Farmacy's new Hydrating Coconut Gel masks are made with hand-picked botanicals for natural and effective hydration. I don't normally use sheet masks, but I was curious to try these because of their natural ingredients!

*Disclaimer: Mask was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Farmacy masks are powered by Echinacea GreenEnvy, a patented variant of echinacea purpurea, which is a natural antioxidant that helps protect and firm skin by inhibiting enzymes that break down collagen. Plantsman Mark Veeder discovered Echinacea GreenEnvy and teamed up with farming expert Roberty Beyfuss to cultivate the plant. You can learn more about the process of making Echinacea GreenEnvy by watching this video.

The masks come in six different formulations:
  • Brightening (activated by antizyme-rich purple broccoli extract)
  • Deep Moisture (activated by Vitamin C-rich cucumber extract)
  • Soothing (activated by mineral-rich kale extract)
  • Firming (activated by flavinoid-rich celery extract)
  • Oil Control (activated by lycopene-rich carrot extract)
  • Anti-Wrinkle (activated by Vitamin A-rich rhubarb extract)

I received the Anti-Wrinkle mask to try. I feel that it's never too early to start using preventive skincare, so I'm always looking to try new anti-wrinkle products. Let's face it, I'm turning 27 this year so wrinkles may not be that far off for me!

The mask is a sheet mask and it has three layers. Every other sheet mask I've ever tried was just a mask inside of the package, but this one had a blue protective film and a clear film on either side. I liked that it had those protective layers because it made application a lot easier.

I left the mask on for 20 minutes and it stayed in place really well. The main reason why I don't normally use sheet masks is because I feel like they slide around too much and I'm never in the mood to just lie still for 20 minutes while I have one on. I watched TV while I had this one on and it didn't budge! It also felt nice and soothing on my skin. When I removed it I massaged the excess formula into my skin. My skin did feel a little sticky for a short while after due to the excess formula, but it was potent enough that I didn't need to apply a moisturizer after.

If you'd like to try Farmacy Beauty Hydrating Coconut Gel Masks, you can purchase them in stores and online at Sephora and and on the air at QVC. They retail for $24 for a set of three masks.

Bottom Line: I had a great experience with the Farmacy Beauty Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask and I would definitely buy more of them! I'm going to try the Oil Control mask next.

What do you think of Farmacy?

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