Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Scent Trunk Review

I tried my first Scent Trunk box last month (review here) and I really loved it, but I was unable to stay subscribed because I've moved into a new apartment and had to cut back on my subscriptions. So when Scent Trunk asked me if I'd like to review a box I was incredibly thankful and, of course, excited to try another box!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Scent Trunk sends three 6 mL perfumes that are hand-selected for you based on your scent profile. You'll fill out a quiz when you first join that will match you up to specific notes and scent types (e.g. woody, floral, etc.). You can change your profile at any time to get different scents, too. The box costs $18 per month and ships to the U.S. and Canada. They have a men's option and a women's option. This review is for the women's box.

I kept my scent profile the same as it was for my last box because I was very happy with the scents I received. Spicy and woody scent notes are my absolute favorites, especially now that colder weather is just around the corner!

Red Cattleya by Olympic Orchids is my favorite perfume from the box. It has citrus and peach top notes, apricot and melon middle notes, and lilac and vanilla base notes. It's a great mix of fruit and warmth and it's perfectly tailored to my tastes.

I also received Coconut Sugar by Note Fragrances, which is a repeat from my last box. The top notes are kiwi and peach, middles are coconut milk and freesia, and the base notes are vanilla and musk. On paper this seems perfect for me, but I think the freesia in it throws me off. It's just a little bit too floral for me.

Last up is Pavane No. 1 by Gwendolyn Marie. I also received this in my last box. It's a beautiful perfume with top notes of orange blossom, middles of fresh grass, and a base of fig and litchi. The top note is kind of floral for me, but the middle and base notes mix really well with my skin's chemistry and I just love how it smells!

I'm a little disappointed that I received two repeat perfumes this month, but I think it might be because I paid for my first box and then received this box as a press review sample? I used the same account, though, so my perfume history should have been available. Either way, had this been my first box I would have been very pleased with the perfume selection!

Bottom Line: I love Scent Trunk and I think they do a great job of selecting perfumes based on the customizable scent profile. I also like that you can change it at any time to get a good variety of scents. Oh and I think their packaging is beautiful, too!


  1. Hmm, it's sort of strange that you got repeats even though you used the same account. I would definitely alert Scent Trunk to that fact! All three of the fragrances you got sound delicious though.

    1. I wouldn't have even minded one repeat, but two out of three was kind of a bummer.


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