Monday, October 5, 2015

New Subscription: Sockflow! Plus Coupon

The weather is getting colder--at least, it is if you live further north like me in New York--and that means it's time to cozy up with warm, fuzzy socks! Sockflow is a brand new sock subscription that will send you socks in fun patterns to keep your tootsies warm this fall and upcoming winter.

Sockflow sends high quality men's, women's, and children's socks from South Korea to your door each month. They have everything from dress socks to stylish fashion socks, with plenty of patterns and colors! You choose the style and size you want, and they'll send you a surprise pair. Here are the pricing options:
  • Two Pair of Men's Dress Socks: $30/month
  • Two Pair of Stylish Fashion Socks: $20/month
  • Two Pair of Stylish Baby/Kids Socks: $20/month
  • Three Pair of Men's Dress Socks: $40/month
  • Three Pair of Stylish Fashion Socks: $25/month
  • Three Pair of Stylish Baby/Kids Socks: $25/month
All subscriptions include free shipping to everywhere except Norway. They are currently working on a separate shop solution for Norwegian customers.

I think the Sockflow socks look like they're really nice quality and come in a lot of fun patterns! I've always thought that patterned socks were a lot of fun. I also like that they include a dress sock option for men.

  • Head over to Sockflow to subscribe!
  • Use coupon code LAUNCHDISCOUNT for 25% off your first month (expires 12/1/15)


  1. I love sock boxes! Looks like the "Stylish Fashion Socks" only go up to US size 9 though? My giant 9.5 size feet weep!

    1. Aw no that seems odd! 9.5 doesn't even seem that big of a size to me!


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