Tuesday, November 22, 2016

YourFacePillow Review

One of my most favorite things in the whole world to do is take a nap. I just love being cozy--who doesn't? A refreshing nap surrounded by a comfy pillow and a soft blanket is just pure bliss. Now, I can really get my beauty sleep with YourFacePillow!

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YourFacePillow is an innovative pillow that helps prevent wrinkles and acne to keep your skin looking beautiful. Sounds crazy, right? How can a pillow do all that? But it's actually quite simple. The pillow's design keeps you from smushing your face against the surface like you would with a regular pillow, which helps your skin breathe. Dermatologists agree that continuous and repeated pressure on the skin can trigger and cause acne, which is referred to as "acne mechanica." When used correctly, YourFacePillow ensures that your facial skin is not making contact with the pillow while you sleep.

It also minimizes sleep wrinkles, since you aren't compressing your face against the pillow. YourFacePillow doesn't claim to completely prevent all wrinkles, but it can aid in helping to prevent some by keeping the delicate skin on your face from being distorted by pressure during sleep.

I was very interested in trying this pillow. I'm very picky when it comes to pillows, too. I need solid support on my neck, no overly soft or squishy pillows for me. As you can see from the photos, this pillow isn't your average shape. It has recessed side supports to support your head and neck and keep your skin isolated from contact when you sleep. It's made with memory foam to mold to your unique shape. It's designed to be used while sleeping in the supine position (on your back), but can also be used for side sleepers. It also comes with a hypo-allergenic inner cover and a fitted velour cover that is nice and soft, and also hypo-allergenic. There's an optional extra silk cover available for purchase, too.

I love the ergonomic neck support this pillow provides. I usually fall asleep on my stomach and then switch to my back sometime during the night, so I had to get used to trying to fall asleep on my back using this pillow, but it was so comfortable that it wasn't an issue. The memory foam is the perfect density--soft, but supportive. I hate waking up with a crick in the neck because I slept on it wrong, and that never happened when I used this pillow. I tested it out for a week before writing this review and I am really happy with it!
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Bottom Line: I have enjoyed using YourFacePillow and I can see how it can definitely help keep your skin looking great. Obviously the biggest issue will be for anyone who isn't naturally a back sleeper, but maybe you could start out by using this pillow for short naps to get used to sleeping in that position. It was still comfortable when I used it for sleeping on my side, but the purpose is to keep your skin from making contact with the pillow. Either way, I had great, restful sleep while using YouFacePillow!

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