Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November KitNipBox Review and Coupon

I love to spoil my pets, and I love that KitNipBox makes it easy for me to do that for my cat, Tully! I was excited to receive their November box because I knew it would have a ton of new fun toys and treats for her.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

KitNipBox is a monthly box of cat goodies with a fantastic name. Each month you'll receive high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats and other fun, healthy products for your furry friends. They have two box options at the following price points:
  • Happy Cat - $19.99 per month with four or more goodies for one cat
  • Multi-Cat - $29.99 per month with six or more goodies for a multicat household
 Shipping is free to the U.S., $6.95 to Canada, and $7.95 for Europe, Mexico, and Australia. Also, a portion of their proceeds is donated to animal welfare causes!

Although I only have one cat, KitNipBox kindly sent the Multi-Cat box for me to review. The first thing I noticed was how cute the packaging was! I love the big sticker and the "Live Love Meow" and "Pounce Purr Meow" on the tissue paper.

There were six toys in this month's Multi-Cat box and a set of seven individual treats. I appreciate that they sent a bunch of different types of toys, since enrichment is really important, especially with an indoor cat. I knew right away which toys Tully would love most!

  • Safemade Crazy Catnip Lobster ($5.00) - This was surprisingly a hit with Tully. Usually she prefers toys with more stuff going on, but I think she liked the strings and claws hanging off of this. She doesn't really respond to catnip but still had a lot of fun throwing and chasing this around.
  • Dragonfly Wand ($7.00) - I knew this would go over well because anything dangly is always a good choice for a cat. Tully loves to chase ribbons, so this was pretty much the same thing. The string unravels a lot so there's lots of length to wiggle around.
  • Prime Taste Treats Interactive Jerky Snacks ($5.00) - These are Salmon flavored and individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Like the name implies it's a jerky stick that has breakable pieces for portion control. Tully went crazy for this! I didn't realize at first that I was supposed to break off the pieces so I let her chomp on the whole thing, but then I broke off the individual pieces and threw them around the room for her to chase after.
  •  OurPets Havin' a Ball ($5.00) - This cute little ball has feathers, rattles, and catnip inside. Tully loves feathers so she enjoyed throwing this around.
  • Think Cat! Wrestler ($5.00) - This also has feathers and catnip but wasn't as popular. I think eventually she'll take to chewing it apart like she usually does with toys like this.
  • Keep Calm Pillow ($5.00) - This is so cute and is meant to be a little pillow for your cat, but it has crinkle inside of it and the sound of it scares Tully. It's so weird--she loves her crinkle shoot, too, but I can't move it around because the loud crinkle sound freaks her out.
  • OurPets Play-N-Treat 2-Piece Treat Balls ($5.00) - I love toys like these because they help engage your cat and give him/her some extra exercise motivation, but unfortunately Tully doesn't understand that there are treats inside so she didn't even attempt to play with this. I'm going to keep them around though, maybe she'll catch on one day.
Eating the Prime Taste Treats

Keep Calm Pillow
 Bottom Line: November's KitNipBox had a really good variety of toys and a total retail value of $37. I think the prices are in line with what I would find at the local pet store I shop at, so to be able to get them for only $30 is a great deal. There were lots of fun new toys to play with in this box, plus some new favorite treats. KitNipBox is a great way to spoil your cat!

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