Monday, March 20, 2017

March BookCase.Club Review and Coupon

I can't say it enough, I love BookCase.Club! Thanks to this subscription I'm never without an exciting new book to read. This is a review for the Strange Worlds case for March.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

BookCase.Cub sends two brand-new, hand-picked books for only $9.99 per month. They have eight different themes to choose from, so there's definitely something for everyone:
  • Thrill Seeker - mystery/thriller
  • Strange Worlds - sci-fi/fantasy
  • Teenage Dreams - young adult novels
  • Read To Me - four children's picture books
  • Blind Date - paranormal romance
  • Booking for Love - romance
  • Quarterly Cook Books - two cook books every three months
  • Quarterly Military History - two military history books every three months

The books are packed nice and tightly within the box; I've never received a damaged book from BookCase.Club. This month they shipped with a branded tissue paper instead of the previous plain white paper, which is a nice touch.

The Strange Worlds case features sci-fi/fantasy novels. The selections have been excellent so far and I'm always excited to see what's inside!

First is The Crow of Connemara by Stephen Leigh, which was an appropriate pick for March and St. Patrick's Day. Here's the synopsis from Amazon:
Entranced by the music and legends of the island, gifted with his grandfather’s journal and a mysterious jewel, and bespelled by dreamlike images of a woman calling to him, Colin feels his inescapable destiny lies across the waters.

On the west coast of Ireland, in the Connemara region, the music is everything he hoped it would be, and the legends seem to come to life before his eyes. In the small town of Ballemor, Colin first encounters the woman of his dreams, Maeve Gallagher.

Maeve, a raven-haired beauty with eyes of emerald green, is the leader of a small group, the Oile├ínach, that has taken over the island of Inishcorr just off the coast and is making their stand against government officials determined to evict them. But Maeve and her followers are more than rebellious squatters—they are the living embodiment of ancient ways, of a time before mortals ruled the lands. And Inishcorr is their last hope for survival, their portal to the place they are meant to be.

But to open that portal, Maeve needs the willing assistance of her chose bard: Colin. Yet even as Colin falls under her enchantment, Maeve too must struggle against emotions she cannot afford to recognize. For to allow herself to truly care for Colin could spell the end of her people’s hopes, dreams, and very existence.
This sounds like an intriguing and eerie story.

The second book is The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins:
Carolyn's not so different from the other people around her. She likes guacamole and cigarettes and steak. She knows how to use a phone. Clothes are a bit tricky, but everyone says nice things about her outfit with the Christmas sweater over the gold bicycle shorts.

In the years since then, Carolyn hasn't had a chance to get out much. Instead, she and her adopted siblings have been raised according to Father's ancient customs. They've studied the books in his Library and learned some of the secrets of his power. And sometimes, they've wondered if their cruel tutor might secretly be God.

Now, Father is missing—perhaps even dead—and the Library that holds his secrets stands unguarded. And with it, control over all of creation.

As Carolyn gathers the tools she needs for the battle to come, fierce competitors for this prize align against her, all of them with powers that far exceed her own.
I love the cover of this book and I think the story sounds really good. I'm not sure which book I'm going to crack open first!
Bottom Line: BookCase.Club sent another great set of books this month. They always choose books that I normally wouldn't pick up but end up loving. It's so fun to have an affordable book subscription that sends excellent surprises each month!

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