Monday, March 27, 2017

March Beauty Box 5 Review

Last month's Beauty Box 5 was all about lips, and March's box is all about the eyes! This month's box had five products to create a dramatic eye look.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty Box 5 sends five deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products ranging from skin care to cosmetics to tools, and more! The box is $12 per month with free shipping to the U.S. and $3 to Canada.

I knew right away what the theme was for this month when I saw the info card, I mean it's kind of hard to miss. I like the idea of boxes tailored towards one specific look, maybe not for every month, but it's something new for BB5 and I think the boxes have been great. Here's what was inside:
  • Sweep Lashes - The Elisa Lash ($15 for set of 5, full-sized): I've tried to wear falsies a few times before but I've never been good at applying them. These are full and gorgeous and I love them! I'm excited to try them and I think I'll be able to put them on much easier with the help of the next item...
  • Sweep Lash Helper ($9.99, full-sized): This is a neat little tool that helps you perfectly place the eyelashes onto your lash line. The box didn't contain any glue for them, though, so I'll have to go out and buy some before I can use the lashes and this tool.
  • Manna Kadar Lash Primer ($14 for .14 oz) - My eyelashes are short and stick straight out so I'm all about anything that helps to lengthen and volumize them. This primer is applied before mascara and helps to lengthen and add bulk to lashes. It also contains proteins to help hydrate hair follicles and keep mascara from flaking.
  • Prestige Cosmetics True Metals Eyeshadow ($9.75 for .09 oz, full-sized) - At first I thought this silver shimmer was quite garish, but now that I think about it it's perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. I love adding a lighter shimmer to that area to help open up and brighten my eyes. This is a nice sturdy compact and it'll last a while.
  • BellaPierre Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter ($15 for 3.75 g) - I haven't worn glitter on my face since I was in sixth grade and I'm probably going to keep it that way, but this is a nice glitter made up of fine particles--as in nothing too big or chunky. Those who do more daring looks that I could probably have a lot of fun with this!
BellaPierre Cosmetic Glitter and Prestige Cosmetics Eyeshadow
Bottom Line: I don't usually put a ton of effort into my eye looks so it's nice to get products I wouldn't normally buy. I'm really excited to try the Sweep Lashes and I hope the tool helps me apply them with ease! The lash primer will be put to good use and the Prestige Cosmetics eyeshadow will be a fun addition to a night out look. Maybe I'll even use the glitter, too!

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