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November Spiral Rain Relaxation & Well Being Box Review

Spiral Rain is a Canadian online store that offers handmade natural, vegan products that are inspired by a love of the Earth and all its magic. They have two subscription box options, and I'm going to share their beautiful Relaxation and Well Being Box with you today.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Spiral Rain is a Canadian-owned family business that was created to celebrate love of the Earth and all it has to offer. They create unique items that re designed to overcome modern problems with old world recipes, new age metaphysics, and assertion of spirit.

All of the items you'll receive in their subscription boxes are handcrafted and designed in-house using natural ingredients and packaged with 100 percent recyclable or reusable materials. Each item is made with purposeful intentions, positive energy, and a passion for quality.

The Relaxation and Well Being Box contains bath and body and wellness products to help you relax and appreciate the positivity of the universe. I was interested in reviewing this box because Spiral Rain sounded like a fantastic company and I was really excited to see what their boxes featured.

The other subscription box offered by Spiral Rain is the Witch Box. Both boxes cost $39.99 CAD and shipping to the U.S. is an additional $25.91 CAD. The total to ship to me in NY came out to $65.90 CAD/$49.82 USD. You can do a one-time purchase of either box, or subscribe and receive the box at $37.19 CAD after the first three months.

The inside flap of the box had a sticker with "A little sparkle to align with the Universe" written on it, which I love. I like to take time to set my intentions and try to manifest peaceful positivity, and boxes like this are a great way to accomplish that.

The November box contained seven products total. The box came with a printed sheet with information about everything inside, as well as information about celestial events in the month of November (Full moons, new moons, etc).

The Protection Candle is absolutely gorgeous! I love candles and this one is great for protecting your physical and mental space. It's a soy wax candle scented with cedarwood and rosemary and contains amaranth and black tourmaline. Cedarwood is good for cleansing, purification, vitality, wisdom, and protection; rosemary is for cleansing, purification, vitality, wisdom, and protection; amaranth is for healing, summoning spirits, and healing broken hearts; and black tourmaline stones provide the ultimate form of protection by absorbing negativity and shielding your space from unwanted energy.

To use the candle, burn it in a room that could benefit from extra protection. Once the candle has burned down, the black tourmaline stones can be removed and placed around the home to create a protective shield.

The Protection Roll-On (left, pictured above) is a fragrance roll-on to pair with the Protection Candle. It's made with fractionated coconut oil with 100 percent pure essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, and lavender with sage leaf. I love earthy scents and the combination in this perfume is so soothing and grounding.

The perfume is designed to bring you total protection for any situation or attacks you may come across. It protects against energy vampirism (something I've had to deal with often -- when someone drains your energy but doesn't help to replenish it) and any unwanted energies.

The Evil Eye Protection and Fatima Hand Keychain is beautifully-made and a great way to protect yourself on-the-go. It has an aqua glass evil eye protection bead and a silvery Fatima Hand on the bottom. There are also two smaller evil eye beads at the bottom for added protection.

The Evil Eye amulet can protect you from envy, fear, resentment, or other negative thoughts aimed your way.  The Hand of Fatima, or Hamsa Hand, has been used in Middle Eastern cultures for centuries and is associated with a female entity offering protection from evil and misfortune.

These two Seed-Bearing Lollipops from Amborella Organics are so unique! They're Rosemary Mint and Lavender Lemongrass flavored, and once you finish them you can plant the biodegradable stick to grow mint and lavender plants!

I love bar soaps, and the Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar by Naturally Vain is perfect for my skincare needs. It's made with Dead Sea Mud to cleanse and eliminate acne, dirt, and blemishes. It also softens and exfoliates skin and is highly moisturizing, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. This will be great for my oily skin.

Last up is the Jacklyn Black Bath Bomb by Naturally Vain, who unfortunately didn't fare well in transit! I don't blame Spiral Rain, as the bath bomb was well-packaged, but making the trip from Quebec to New York must've roughed it up a little.

Anyway, the bomb is supposed to be shaped like a jack-o-lantern and is scented with maple and pumpkin. It smells absolutely delicious! It has added rice bran oil to soothe skin. Rice represents rain, fertility, money, and protection. Oatmeal is used to invoke or worship Brighid (Irish goddess of Spring, fertility, healing, poetry, and smithcraft), and the pumpkin represents lunar magick.
Bottom Line: I am thoroughly impressed by the Spiral Rain Relaxation and Well-Being Box. The contents were well-curated and high quality, and I appreciated the extra information about everything and what the different ingredients and symbols represent. I think the U.S. price of around $50 for the box and shipping is fair, considering it ships from Canada and has great items inside. This box is right up my alley and I can't wait to use everything!

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