Friday, February 14, 2014

February Stunner of the Month Review

Stunner of the Month is a fun subscription that sends you a pair of fashion sunglasses for only $9 a month!  They even ship internationally.  As I'm sure many of you know, a quality pair of sunglasses will cost you way more than $9 at the mall, so why not get them shipped directly to your house for such a low price?

I was very interested to see what kind of "Stunners" I would receive in this shipment that Stunner of the Month sent me for review because I've seen all kinds of different designs both on their website and on other bloggers' reviews.  I usually wearing pretty standard and basic clothes in my every day life, but I love to spice things up with fun accessories, so I knew that no matter what these sunglasses would definitely fit the bill!

Everything came nicely wrapped, and the glasses themselves were inside the white drawstring bag.  I was only expecting a pair of glasses, so I was pleasantly surprised by all of the extras that were included!  You can see the slap bracelet in the photo above and part of the two items that were taped to the top flap of the box, but there was even more included inside of the bag.

Here's the full spread of extras I received, as well as the glasses themselves up at the top.  All in all, the package included the slap bracelet, a bunch of stickers, a bottle opener, a button, and an eyeglass screwdriver.  I was actually most thankful for the screwdriver because I'm a wearer of regular glasses as well and I was in need of one.

I love the glasses I got!  They're perfect for me.  A small card was included that states that the design is called "The Kitten Plays," and that they're from the Wildlife collection and Mezzanine level.  I'm not sure what the Mezzanine level means (and I couldn't find more information about it on their website), but the Wildlife collection part speaks for itself.  I'm a crazy cat lady all the way, so these really couldn't be more perfect!  Furthermore, they have a UV protection factor of 400 and the frames are made of plastic or a plastic material.

Bottom Line: I think Stunner of the Month is a ton of fun!  Anyone who appreciates unique sunglasses will surely be pleased with this subscription.  The cost is really affordable, and you can even pause your account so if you only want to receive a pair every few months or so you can easily do that.

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Stunner of the Month.  I received no monetary compensation.


  1. $9 a month is such a great deal! I might have to sign up for this! I had never heard of it before.

    1. It's so much fun; if you sign up I hope you get some great shades!


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