Monday, February 10, 2014

January Little Black Bag Review

 I actually purchased this Little Black Bag at the tail end of December, but since I received the items in January I'm calling it a January bag (not that any of this really matters, anyway).  This bag only cost me $25.90 with shipping, so I was pretty happy with what I got for that price.

I ended up with five items total, but two were beauty bonuses (but still full-sized products).  I had been wanting a new, practical crossbody, so the handbag was a perfect fit.  I also love scarves, and the pattern on this one was really pretty so I was happy with that, too.  I wasn't jumping for joy about any of the items, but for only $26 I couldn't complain.  I do wish trading was the way it used to be because I definitely could have gotten more items in the past, but oh well.

I love this Tri Color Infinity Scarf by The Accessory Collective.  It's really soft and the colors are just beautiful.  I got quite a few compliments on it when I first wore it out.  There was a similar one also on LBB at the time that had blues and browns in it, I think, but I liked the mauve/white/gray combo a lot better.

The Danielle Nicole Adeline Crossbody is the perfect size for me.  I like the practicality of crossbodies, but I also don't like ones that are too tiny, so I picked this one because I wanted to still be able to fit my wallet and a few other items into it.  I also liked that the top zipped shut--the flap does open up to expose a pocket underneath, but the main compartment is accessible through the top.

If these Robert Rose Oval Stone Drop Earrings look familiar, it's because I shipped the silver pair in the my December bag.  I would have preferred to get something different, but again, trading was moving really slowly and no one wanted to trade me anything for them.  I also got the NYX extras in the two colors I wanted the most, so that was good.  The lip balm is in the shade "Shukran" and the eyeshadow is "Suede."  I don't care for the cream eyeshadow because it dries too quickly and feels like glue once it's dried, but I like the lip balm.

Bottom Line: If this bag hadn't been so cheap overall I probably wouldn't have been so happy with it, but I'm pleased with the scarf and the handbag so it was worth it to me.  The earrings will get good use as well.  The beauty extras are just that, extras.  Basically this wasn't the best LBB, but not the worst, either.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Holy cOw!! Love the hand bag SO much!♥

    1. Me too! I was surprised at how much I loved it :)


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