Friday, September 19, 2014

Beauty Box 5 August and September Reviews

I have a two-for-one review for you today since I received my August Beauty Box 5 a little bit late.  I was accepted into their blogger review program, but there was a little mix-up in getting me transferred to the accepted list, but they were kind enough to send me the August box I had mixed this month to review with September's.

If you aren't familiar with Beauty Box 5, they send a mix of makeup, beauty accessories, hair products, skincare, and more for only $12 a month.  Like the name suggests, each box has five total items.  Shipping is free within the United States, and $3 extra to Canadian addresses.  They also have a shop where you can purchase full-sized products.

August's box was all about "recognizing the brilliant beauty that you are and adding the finishing touches to carry your carefree attitude well into the fall."

  • Novex Brazilian Keratin - I love using keratin products on my hair because they leave it feeling so smooth!  I've never used Novex before (I have another jar of this from a different box that I still haven't tried), but this one works on all hair types to renew and reinforce hair's strength.
  • Pur-lisse Pur Protect SPF 30 - Even though summer is ending and the days are getting shorter, it's still important to wear SPF every day.  This lightweight formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin while still providing ample protection.
  • Nanacoco Lip Gloss - I do love a good lip gloss, but the shade of this one doesn't quite work with my skin so I posted it for swap.  Nanacoco's formula contains vitamin E for extra nourishment.
  • LA Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes - I really like the LA Fresh brand, and I'm always in need of facial wipes.  My skin is pretty oily, so when I get home from work I immediately wipe of my makeup and refresh my skin with a wipe.  These condition with vitamin E, aloe, and cucumber.
  • Style Essentials Nail Polish - I love the shade I got!  It's black with subtle silver glitter.  I would prefer a little stronger sparkle in the glitter, but it's still a really nice shade and the polish has a great formula.

The September box features new fall favorites and has a good variety of products.  One thing I do appreciate about Beauty Box 5 is that they do a great job of sending different items, you won't receive a box of predominantly one thing.

  • Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara - I already have one of these mascaras (actually, this is the third I've received from a beauty subscription) so I gifted it to a friend, but she loved it.  It really does give bold, black lashes and is good at lengthening, too.
  • Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon - This creamy shadow stick glides on smoothly and has great pigmentation.  I love the color I got (bronze) and will put this to a lot of good use!
  • Sally Hansen Toe Spacers - So this isn't the most exciting product I've ever received, but it is quite practical and I will definitely use it.  I paint my toenails even in the winter when they're covered up, and spacers help to keep me from smudging.
  • Natural Style by FUBU Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash - This conditioner is equipped with eight repairing oils, shea butter, and is free from sulfates and parabens.  It can be used as a co-wash for curly hair or a deep conditioner for all hair types.
  • My Beauty Spot Nail Polish - I would be happy if every box contained a nail polish because it's one of my favorite types of products!  The shade I got is a shimmery mauve, and the formula promises to glide on smoothly and dry quickly.
Bottom Line: Beauty Box 5 sent two great boxes for August and September.  I was pleased that both contained a few full-sized items and had a good mix of hair, makeup, and accessories for me to try.

*Disclaimer: These boxes were sent for review purposes.


  1. Interesting, I got an eye cream instead of the Revlon mascara in this month's box. But I think they sent me that mascara before - maybe 2 or 3 months ago? I've started to get quite a collection of them too. :P


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