Monday, September 22, 2014

September BoxyCharm Review

I've only gotten one other BoxyCharm (back in June) and I thought that that box was amazing.  Then I got September's box, and it was even more amazing!  I think this might actually be the best beauty box I've ever gotten, of any subscription!

BoxyCharm boxes cost $21 a month and they always have a good amount of full-sized items from high-end brands.  September's theme was "Fashion Week Fabulous," and it boasted five full-sized items, all from brands that I love!

  • Coastal Scents Go Palette in Cairo ($12.95) - There were four different palette options, and I was really hoping for Cairo and I got it!  I love neutral shadows, so this is perfect for me.  Some of the other palettes had really wild colors which I probably wouldn't have used, but this will be used on the daily.  Or, rather, I'll work it into my rotation of palettes because I have too many.
  • ncLA Nail Lacquer in Call My Agent ($16) - I have a few other ncLA polishes and while the brand is not my favorite, I do enjoy them.  This one is a red creme, and was one of four possible options.  I would have preferred any color other than red, so I posted this for swap.  I'm still happy to see the brand in the box, though.
  • Harvey Prince Hello 10 mL ($29) - I love Harvey Prince perfumes and this is my second sample of "Hello" that I've received from a box.  Actually, this is a full-sized vial and not a sample, but I just mean to say that I've had the scent before and I really like it.  It's citrus-y, which is better for summer, but this will still last me a while so I'll use it more once the weather turns warm again.
  • Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight ($22) - I guess new subscribers got the Hyperlight and existing subscribers got a mascara.  Technically I was a "new" subscriber because I had cancelled after that first box in June, so I got a repeat product.  I posted it for swap because I don't need two, but it is a great highlighter.
  • tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss in Tipsy ($19) - This is my favorite item in the box because I love tarte!  This was also randomly selected from four options, and I got the color I liked best.  I was hoping it would be more pigmented on my lips, but it goes on very sheer.  Either way, it has a nice applicator and doesn't feel too sticky, so I like it.
Bottom Line: This box had a combined retail value of $98.95 and I only paid $21 for it (shipping is included)!  I have been consistently impressed with the brands BoxyCharm features as well as the amount of full-sized products they include.  You can still purchase this box at their website.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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