Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wet Shave Club Review

As a lady, I do not have facial hair, so I wouldn't normally consider a box like Wet Shave Club.  I do, however, have a boyfriend who has a beard who would be able to put a box like this to good use, so when Wet Shave Club asked me if I'd be interested in doing a review, I said yes.

Wet Shave Club sends a monthly shipment of traditional shaving items, and the box I'm reviewing contains the same items that everyone receives during their first month.  Subscriptions are $29 a month, or $24/month for three months, $22/month for six months, or $19/month for a full year.  Shipping is free for all options within the contiguous U.S., and is $7.99 for Canada, and boxes ship the same day you place your order!

Each starter box comes with a safety razor and shave brush, along with two packs of razors, matches, two bars of soap, and a bottle of aftershave.  The box is packaged very nicely and contains a welcome card.  Mine also had a handwritten note about the box, but that is because this box is for review purposes (I'm not sure if each order comes with one or not).

The only razors I've ever shaved with are the standard ones you buy at the drugstore, and prior to trying Wet Shave Club the same went for my boyfriend, Pete.  Pictured above is the safety razor; to use it you unscrew the top and place the razor, then screw the top part back on to set it in place.  The instructions that came with the box are sure to state that you should let the razor do the work--don't try to press it into the skin (results in ouchies), let the weight of the razor do the shaving as you glide it down.

The shaving brush is really fluffy; the bristles are slightly coarse, but understandably so.  The aftershave is from Whiskey Ink & Lace and is cedarwood scented.  I absolutely love the scent!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with aftershave, it's applied to help soothe the skin.  The razors are both from Gillette, each box containing five blades.  Wet Shave Club recommends replacing the blade every three days or so, so if you don't shave daily then you could stretch these out to last for quite a while.

Lastly, there are two bars of soap from Red Leaf (Oatmeal & Honey and English Coast scented) and a book of matches.  I honestly don't know what the matches are for and I didn't see anything in the instructions, so pardon my ignorance.  The soaps appear to be glycerin-based and Pete said they lathered well and felt really smooth.
Bottom Line: Overall, Pete really enjoyed using the Wet Shave Club products.  He was intimidated at first since he'd never used a single blade safety razor, but he didn't have any issues and came out nick-free in the end.  I like this box a lot because it appeals to low-maintenance guys as well as those who spend a little more time on their appearance.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent for review purposes.


  1. My guess about the matches? They're for lighting after you do a stinky poo. I've had a lot of male roommates and that seems to be a "thing", haha!

  2. They're actually not matches! You use them to heal knicks, cuts and irritated hair follicles. Basically, you wet the tip of one of the "matches" and place it on the irritated part of the skin to close up a small knick or to soothe razor burn etc :)


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