Friday, August 21, 2015

Cratejoy: A Subscription Box Paradise!

Have you browsed Cratejoy lately? I had known about them for a while but I realized they had a centralized marketplace that lists all of the subscription boxes they power, and more!

*Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links.

If you've never heard of Cratejoy, they're a subscription box marketplace that curates and manages lists of all the best subscription boxes out there. You can also start your own subscription box using Cratejoy (learn more about that here).

What I love about Cratejoy is there are So. Many. Subscriptions! They're neatly organized by category and there is something for almost any interest you could think of. After browsing for only a few minutes I discovered some that I had never heard of before, like Bare Mane, Very Portland, and Moon Magic Box.

Even better, anyone can review the boxes on the site so you'll get an idea of whether other people enjoyed the subscription or not. Many of the listings also include coupon codes for your first box!

If you're a subscription box lover like me, and I'm assuming you are since you're reading my blog, then you definitely need to head over to Cratejoy and start exploring!

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