Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Marvel Collector Corps Review

Guardians of the Galaxy was by far my favorite movie of 2015, and one of my all-time favorite movies in the Marvel cinematic universe. When I found out that the December Collector Corps box was going to be GotG themed I signed up right away!

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

Marvel Collector Corps sends exclusive, full-sized items in a themed box for $25 every other month (shipping is extra). My box cost $34.51 after shipping. Each box will contain at least $50 worth of items, ranging from Funko Pop vinyls to t-shirts, and more!

There was a billing error this month and many subscribers (myself included) got charged twice. An email was sent noting the error and promising prompt refunds, and I was refunded within a few days, but such an error can be stressful for those on a strict budget, especially during the holidays. Luckily I had gotten a Christmas bonus from work so I had more wiggle room, so I wasn't in danger of overdrafting or anything.

Anyway, as you can see from the above photo, each box also has an exclusive patch and pin to go along with it. This month's patch featured Rocket Raccoon, and the pin had Groot on it.

The box contained four or five items, depending on whether or not you want to consider the Pops as one item or two (I'll consider them two). I was super excited to get this box and the items didn't disappoint!

  • Guardians of Infinity Comic - This had an adorable illustration of Rocket and Groot on the cover, but the comic inside is the regular Guardians style (i.e. not cutesy like the cover). I haven't read it yet, but I do like comics.
  • Pop! Bobblers - These two little guys were my favorite items! They're adorable and are also my two favorite characters from the movie. They have strings on them so you can put them on a Christmas tree, but I have mine out on display on my book shelf.
  • Starlord Mug - This came nicely packaged in a box with styrofoam padding, so it would make an excellent gift. I love the Starlord/Peter Quill character, but not so much this mug, so I posted it for swap. It's a very nice quality mug, though.

  • Groot Scarf - I love this scarf! One side has "Guardians of the Galaxy" writing with silhouettes of the characters, and the opposite side is of a big, long Groot. The scarf is nice and thick and well-made. It's perfect for Rochester winters, even though we haven't seen much snow yet.
Bottom Line: This Marvel Collector Corps box really brought a smile to my face! I love GotG and I was so pleased by all of the items. I was kind of hoping for a t-shirt, but the scarf and Bobblers are awesome so I'm still happy.


  1. I loved this months box too! I also was not a fan of the mug.......kind of odd looking to me, but everything else was great!


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