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February Snakku Review

If you aren't already aware, I am obsessed with Snakku! I've reviewed their boxes before and they're consistently one of the best snack boxes out there, in my opinion. February's box featured snacks for Valentine's Day!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Snakku sends authentic Japanese snacks that are only available in Japan! They also include more popular foods like Pocky, but my favorite thing about this box is that it gives me access to things I wouldn't be able to try otherwise.

Boxes cost $38.95 per month, which may seem a little high, but consider the beautiful packaging (as seen above) and the fact that you get authentic snacks that you can't just find in the grocery store, and I think it's well worth the price!

Each box comes with an info card that describes the snacks but also gives background information on Japanese culture and the snacks' significance. February is strawberry season in Japan, and this month's selection featured strawberry-flavored snacks from the snowy city of Kanazawa.

  • Chocolate Arare - These are from a rice cracker store in Kyoto and are chocolate-covered mini rice crackers. The two pouches (far right of the photo above) come in two varieties: bitter and sweet. The bitter pack has matcha green tea, dark chocolate, and white chocolate covered crackers, and the sweet has strawberry, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. I tried the sweet pack so far and I love the salty/sweet combo!
  • Chocolate Fruit Crunch - These were my favorite snack in the box! They're made by a boutique store in Hakata, an old merchant city in southern Japan. They're made from locally-sourced fruits, cocoa from Madagascar, and cream from Hokkaido. The two flavors included were strawberry and blueberry, and they reminded me of a strawberry/blueberry crunch ice cream pop.
  • Pururun Strawberry Mochi - Mochi is kind of difficult to describe to someone who's never tried it before, but I'll do my best: it's a soft snack that kind of looks like a gummy candy on the outside and has filling on the inside. These are also made by Hakata Fuubian and are made with the finest rice in the area and stuffed with strawberries from the island of Kyushu.
  • Chocolate Senbei - These adorable senbei are shaped like hearts! They're covered in rich milk chocolate from Hokkaido and were absolutely delicious.
  • Gold Okaki - These snacks are so pretty! They're crepe crackers that are baked and then dipped in a ginger emulsion and topped with edible gold foil. They're hand made in Kanazawa, where they've been in production for over 500 years. I found the cracker really hard to bite into, but it had a great ginger taste.
Pururun Strawberry Mochi, Chocolate Senbei, and Gold Okaki
Chocolate Fruit Crunch

This month's box also had a good number of more popular snacks, all of which I loved!
  • Strawberry Heart Pocky - Pocky is just so good and I could easily eat an entire box in one sitting! The strawberry flavor is my favorite. If you haven't had these before, they're wafer sticks that are dipped in strawberry cream.
  • Umaibo - I love the cartoon on the packaging for these! They're airy corn puff sticks and were the perfect salty snack.
  • Ichigo Milk Candy - These have been popular since 1970 and have a multi-layer strawberry and milk filling.
  • Senbei - Senbei are rice crackers, and these came in two flavors: plum (the smaller one) and soy seaweed (larger ones).
  • Green Tea KitKat - I've always heard that Japan has a bunch of different Kit Kat flavors so I was excited to try these. They had a nice creamy flavor and were very good!
Bottom Line: Snakku is such a good box and I loved February's selection of snacks! The Valentine's Day theme was really cute and I loved all of the strawberry foods.

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