Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boulder Granola Review and Giveaway [CLOSED]

I love food and I love eating.  I love buying makeup, but something I love even more is going out to a great meal and trying new foods.  Have I used the word "love" enough yet?  Haha...well, today's review is for Boulder Granola, a delicious all organic blend of happiness!

Boulder Granola sent me all four of their flavors to try: Chocolate Chunk, Cranberry, Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Original, and Original.  Pictured above is the Chocolate Chunk, which I dug in to first.  It's heavenly!  As you can see, there are some very generous chunks of chocolate in there, as well as almonds and various seeds.

All of their granolas are sweetened with Vermont maple syrup, a complex sugar that has a slower and more efficient energy release within the body (as compared to sweeteners such as agave, high fructose corn syrup, etc).  I love the fact that they used maple syrup.  All of the granolas have just the perfect amount of sweetness, while still being considerably low in sugar.  The Chocolate Chunk and Cranberry have about 5 grams of sugar per 37g (1/4 cup) serving, and the Original has 4 g/serving, and the Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free has 2g/serving.  In comparison, most granolas are upwards of 10g of sugar per serving.

I opted to receive the two original flavors in 3 oz bags, and got Cranberry and Chocolate Chunk in the larger 12 oz bags.  What I love about this granola is that there are more ingredients beyond just oats, which gives it a rich and nutty taste.  You can especially pick up on that taste with the original varieties.  I'm impressed by the fact that Boulder Granola has a variety that's gluten and dairy free, as well.  All of their varieties are delicious on their own, but I really liked adding the two original flavors into my plain greek yogurt for breakfast.

I am a chocolate fiend and the Chocolate Chunk granola is pure heaven!  I was blown away by how generous the chocolate content is -- the picture above shows large chunks, but I actually broke them down from one giant piece!  This granola is just beyond tantalizing--I could rave about it forever.  I took it to work with me and eat it by itself throughout the day.  The Cranberry flavor is equally wonderful, for when I'm in the mood for a fruitier flavor.  The cranberries in the mixture are a nice tart complement to the nutty granola and maple syrup.
Bottom Line: I'm a Boulder Granola fan for life!  I plan to stock up on many more bags when my supply from this review runs out.  It's delicious, USDA organic, low in sugar, and available in gluten/dairy free.  Plus, it's just plain fun!  I'm sure that anyone who tries Boulder Granola would be happy to "Unleash [their] Inner Hippie!"

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*Disclaimer: I received four bags of Boulder Granola from Boulder Granola for free to facilitate my review.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.


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