Saturday, November 16, 2013

CV Skinlabs Review

Now that it's winter, my skincare regimen is going to be changing to adapt to the drier air and cooler temperatures.  My hands get especially dry and flaky around this time, and luckily CV Skinlabs came around at the perfect time to rescue my skin from a long season of discomfort!

CV Skinlabs creates cruelty-free, natural and organic lotions and balms that are luxuriously soothing.  They're clinically proven to nurture and repair skin and are also effective treatments for sensitive skin, eczema, dullness, redness, chronic dryness, irritation, and more.  The brand was started by Britta Aragon; a cancer survivor, author, and natural beauty expert.  She wanted to create options for the most sensitive of skin types that would restore radiance and luminosity.

I was lucky enough to try three samples of products from the CV Skinlabs line.  I thoroughly enjoyed them all, and I am definitely interested in buying full sized versions!

  • Body Repair Lotion ($36 for 6 fl oz)- This lotion provides advanced therapy for dry, irritated skin.  It calms inflammation and delivers long-lasting moisture, which is essential to me year-round, but especially in winter.  I loved the silky-smooth formula and would highly recommend this product to people of all skin types.
  • Calming Moisture for Face, Neck, and Scalp ($49 for 2 fl oz) - My face skin-type is oily, but it's also very sensitive.  I'm always looking for moisturizers that are gentle but effective, and this one fits the bill!  It's an antioxidant-rich formula that clams redness (which is a constant problem for me) and deeply hydrates while also repairing the skin.
  • Restorative Skin Balm ($26 for .5 fl oz) - This balm was my favorite product of the bunch because it was perfect for my rough, dry hands.  It's a very potent, thick consistency, so a little goes a long way.  The formula is non-petrolatum, but it does include carnauba wax and beeswax.  Other main ingredients that work to moisturize the skin include calendula, sea buckthorn oil, and arnica.

Bottom Line: I'm so glad I was able to try these CV Skinlabs products, and I will most likely be purchasing full-sized versions in the future.  I especially loved the Restorative Skin Balm.  I think that all three would be a lovely addition to anyone's winter skin regimen!

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by CV Skinlabs through BrandBacker.

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