Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Moodsign Review

The Moodsign is a unique way to keep a relationship fun and interesting, and I was lucky enough to be able to review this "new way to flirt."  I received a Moodsign and card set, which combine for a simple and exciting way to send non-verbal signals.

The Moodsign was developed by CEO Chris Choulet, and he explains that it's an effective way to avoid mixed signals.  It can be used to flirt, tease, arouse, or simply make it known that all you're interested in is getting a simple foot rub.  I think that The Moodsign is a really interesting idea, and definitely something that would be beneficial to a healthy relationship.  Body language can be misinterpreted sometimes, and this makes those signals clearer for everyone involved.

The Moodsign itself is a white column that is about five inches tall, seven when the "ears" are extended.  I think it kind of looks like a rabbit when the two tabs are sticking up!  When you're in the mood for something, you can raise one arm of The Moodsign, adjusting the height and intensity of the light to match your mood.  You can also designate certain colors to mean different things, so that when your partner sees it he or she will know exactly what you're in the mood for (or not in the mood for).  The idea behind it is so simple, but as anyone who has been in a relationship can attest, communication isn't always clear, so a tool like this can avoid frustration or mixed signals.

I also received a deck of The Moodsign card game cards, which can be used to enhance your experience with The Moodsign device.  It contains 30 erotic fantasy cards, 12 customizable cards, and six "quid pro quo" cards.  The "quid pro quos" can be used to address frustrations in a playful way, and the other two categories are pretty self-explanatory.  The fantasy cards range in intensity, so I do think there's something in the mix for everyone.  I've been in a long-term relationship for over three years now, and the combo of the card game and The Moodsign have been a fun addition for my boyfriend and me!  Not only did it give us new ideas, but it made the whole experience a lot more fun.  I think it's important to laugh together, too, so being able to connect on that level while using The Moodsign was really great.

  • Visit The Moodsign's website to learn more and purchase one for yourself.  The Moodsign is $29.99, the card game is $14.99, or you can purchase both for $39.99.

Bottom Line: I think that The Moodsign is a really fun tool and game for any relationship.  Communication is key when it comes to love, but saying what you mean isn't always easy.  The Moodsign device makes it much simpler and clearer to relay to your partner what you want, and the cards give you lots of options to try  depending on that mood!

Check out this video from The Moodsign to learn more:

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by The Moodsign. I received no monetary compensation.

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