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Marvel Collector Corps Inaugural Box Review (April 2015)

When I first heard about Marvel Collector Corps I knew I had to sign up right away--Pete and I are huge Marvel fans! I couldn't believe how affordable the box was, but we probably would have signed up anyway even if it was more expensive. The first box is finally here and we love it!

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

Marvel Collector Corps is a brand new subscription from Funko (you know, like Funko POP! Vinyls?) that sends exclusive Marvel merchandise to you every other month. April's box is the first, so this will ship next in June, August, and so forth.

The box costs $25 plus shipping ($6.95 to U.S. addresses), and taxes where applicable. Payment is through PayPal. I live in New York and the final total with tax and shipping came out to $34.51. This box also ships internationally, and this is the information regarding shipping charges that is on the website's FAQ page:

Items over $20 in value will have duties/taxes that will range from 12% – 18% depending on the Province. There may also be a collection fee from the posted country.

I think that this box is well worth the bimonthly price because they send only exlcusive items and t-shirts! This box is seriously any Marvel lover's dream.

The box ships from New Jersey so it got to me in just two days. Shipping originates with UPS, but my box got transferred to USPS and was delivered that way. I'm not sure if that will be the same for everyone within the U.S. or not. Either way, the handling time was super quick so I'm not mad at that at all.

The box itself is very big and is impressively decorated! I love the Captain America art on the top of the box, since he's my favorite Avenger. The theme for April is, obviously, The Avengers, since Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out in one week (May 1st). One more note about the packaging: the first photo in this post is what I found when I opened the top of the box.

Everything was packaged very neatly inside. The website promises that each box will contain a t-shirt, a stylized vinyl collectible, and two premium accessories.

I think most people subscribed for the Funko POP! Vinyl, and this one is excellent! I love that the items are exclusive--I feel like I keep bringing that up but it's so cool to know that the only way to get these initially is to subscribe to the box, and that not everyone can just go to the store and pick one up.

  • Hulkbuster Funko POP! Vinyl - This is one of the most detailed POP! Vinyls I've ever seen, and it's huge in comparison to the normal ones! I absolutely love it. I think these usually retail around $10, but I think this would be worth a little bit more even if it wasn't exclusive because of its size. This was actually listed on the website as being a part of the box and was in the teaser trailer, but I didn't visit the site and I didn't put two and two together during the teaser trailer so it was a surprise to me!

  • Avengers Comic - Pete and I were subscribed to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service for a while, so although we aren't subscribed to it currently we still love a good comic book. I'm not sure if every box will include a comic or not, especially since each box will have a different theme, so I don't know if they would be able to keep continuity with the storylines.
  • Dorbz Age of Ultron Figurine - I think these are a new line of products from Funko and they really are "adorbz!" This one is of Ultron himself and it's so funny to see him in such kawaii form, because the real Ultron is a lot more terrifying.

I'm definitely going to purchase more Dorbz. I love the Groot and Rocket Raccoon ones in the Guardians of the Galaxy collection!

  • Hulk vs. Ultron T-Shirt - Subscribers received one of four designs, and I was hoping to get Captain America. Instead we got Hulk, who is probably my least favorite Avenger, but I still really like the design of the t-shirt. It's made of super soft cotton and will be great to wear around. I might even wear it to the Age of Ultron premiere...

Here's a look at the pin and badge that came affixed to the top of the box. I'm going to assume that there will be some of these for every box to match the theme of the box. I love the Captain America pin!
Bottom Line: The Collector Corps website says that each box will contain $50 worth of merchandise. It's a little difficult to calculate the retail value since the items are all exclusive, but the POP! Vinyl and t-shirt alone make this worth it for me. All of the other items just make it even better! This might be my most favorite subscription box of all time, no lie.

What do you think of the first Marvel Collector Corps box? Are you an Avengers fan?

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