Friday, April 3, 2015

Marvelash Review

I have short, straight eyelashes and I've always had trouble getting them to hold a curl.  It's a pretty minor complaint in the grand scheme of things, but I love a product that'll help me get longer, lusher lashes and so far Marvelash has done just that!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

Marvelash is an eyelash serum that promises longer, thicker, darker lashes.  When products like this started growing in popularity I will admit that I was skeptical, but I am always eager to put them to the test.  Marvelash provides vital nutrients to your lashes with daily application which helps them to grow thicker and stronger.  The formula is clinically tested and the packaging states that lashes appear 54% longer in just a few weeks with regular use.

The instructions say to use this before bedtime after completely cleansing the eye area.  The applicator is a fine tipped brush (see above), making it easy to accurately apply it along your lash lines.  I chose to use this only on my upper lashes, but you can use it on your lower ones as well.  It also says to use it daily for the best results.  I also would recommend following the instructions about using it at night, since you have less of a chance of it getting into your eyes.  I think if you wore it around during the day you'd eventually get some in your eye from just blinking.  I did get a bit in my eyes once and it stung a little, but you can easily wash it out with water.

I have been using Marvelash for about a month and a half and I am pleased with the results!  I do feel that my lashes are longer and I feel that they appear thicker as well.  Now, they aren't noticeably longer without using an eyelash curler, but I have noticed enough of a change to make me want to continue to use it!

I know this photo looks creepy because it's my eye, but I wanted to show you the actual results.  I don't have a "before" shot, but I promise that my lashes have never looked this long before.

Another thing about Marvelash that I like is that it can also be used on your eyebrows.  I over-plucked mine a while ago and I'm still in the process of growing them in, and although I haven't used Marvelash on them yet I have a feeling it will be just as effective as it has been on my lashes.
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Bottom Line: I can honestly recommend Marvelash and I think it's made my lashes look longer and fuller!  I especially love how they look with mascara now, but the photo above is without any makeup or alterations whatsoever.  If you're looking to enhance your lashes, I think Marvelash is definitely worth a try.

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