Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RocksBox Review #10 + Get Your First Box Free!

If you love jewelry then you definitely need to check out RocksBox--especially if you like frequently changing up your look! They have so many different pieces to choose from, and you can receive as many boxes as you want each month.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

RocksBox is a jewelry rental subscription that costs $19 a month, shipping included. Currently they only ship to the U.S. Their website FAQ lists "Do you ship outside of the continental U.S.?" as a question, so I'm assuming that means they do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or APO/FPO boxes.

Each box will contain three pieces that were chosen for you by a stylist based on your style profile. The profile is very customizable and you can re-take it as many times as you want, so if you'd prefer to get only silver pieces one month or only necklaces another you have the freedom to do so. You can keep the pieces for as long as you want and then send them all back for a new box, or you can send back only the ones you don't want and you'll be charged a special member's price for whatever you keep.

Another great thing about RocksBox is that you'll get $10 in "Shine Spend" credits each month to use towards any pieces you want to keep. The Shine Spend doesn't roll over to the next month, but you'll always have at least $10 to use. You can earn more Shine Spend credits that last forever if you refer friends.

I prefer necklaces over any other type of jewelry, and so far my RocksBoxes have contained beautiful ones! I really like this Jenny Bird Palm Rope Necklace in Turquoise ($68 to keep); I've always liked how gold and turquoise look together. The necklace has a bohemian flair without being too wild. I'll wear this once (once I figure out what to wear it with), but I don't love it enough to keep it.

I also really liked this Gorjana Shimmer Disc Ring in Gold ($32 to keep), but unfortunately it was way too small for my finger, as you can see. I don't think that this was supposed to be a midi ring but that's what it ended up being on me! This isn't the first time I've gotten a ring that was too small from RocksBox, but unfortunately you can't choose your ring size in the style quiz.

Last up are the SLATE Pearl Triangle Studs ($35 to keep), which are probably my favorites from this box. I like stud earrings the best and I especially like these because they're a good mix of simple and fun. I might keep these if they were a little bit cheaper, but I don't need them for $35. Also, I always sanitize earrings before I wear them when I get them in my RocksBox. I'm sure that RocksBox does the same if they receive pieces back from subscribers, but it can't hurt to clean them myself as well.
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Bottom Line: Even though I didn't end up keeping any items from this box I still wore the necklace and earrings out and about, which was fun. I liked the selection in this box a lot better than my last one, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else I'll receive in the future!

What do you think of RocksBox?

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