Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Hard Candy Color Correcting Review

Hard Candy has launched a new line of limited edition color correcting products! If you're new to color correcting, it's an even more targeted way to balance out your skin tone than say, regular concealers. I tried three of their Color Correct Expert Sticks and had great results.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

All of the new Color Correcting products are being sold exclusively at Walmart. The line includes an Expert Creme Wand, Radiant Primer, Baked Powder, Baked Finishing Powder, and a Custom Blend Expert Palette. This review is for three of the Expert Sticks.

The Color Correct Expert Sticks come in six pastel shades and retail for $5 each. They are a creamy, blendable concealer stick with a retractable pencil shape that's easy to apply. You won't even need to sharpen it!

I received three shades to try: Yellow, Purple, and Pink. I like that they're large with big pencil tips so they're easy to use.

The Yellow Expert Stick corrects mild redness for all skin tones and was the one best suited for my needs. I have red patches on my cheeks and nose and get pimples here and there on occasion, so something to blur out the redness is perfect for me. The shade matched my natural skin tone almost perfectly, I have yellow undertones, so once it was blended in it did a great job of masking redness. It glided onto my skin smoothly and felt very light and pretty much weightless once I blended it in.

Now, the Pink and Purple Expert Sticks are for correcting dullness and neutralizing sallowness in fair to light (Pink) and medium to dark (Purple) skin tones. As I said before, I have natural yellow undertones so I don't have to worry about correcting sallowness, or a yellow tone to the skin. I still gave these a try considering dullness can occur in anyone and I applied it under my eyes for some extra brightness. I actually found that the Pink one worked best, even though it's for fair to light skin and I have medium skin, since you should apply a shade lighter to the undereye area to really make it pop. Both sticks had the same smooth texture as the Yellow one.

Here are the swatches of the Expert Sticks, from top to bottom: Pink, Yellow, and Purple.
Bottom Line: I think the Hard Candy Color Correct Expert Sticks worked really well, especially the Yellow one. They felt light on my skin and the Yellow one covered my redness incredibly well. I also like that they are affordable, as is the entire Color Correct line as a whole. Pick them up at Walmart and give 'em a try!

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