Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Beauty Box 5 Review

This month's Beauty Box 5 featured five great products for a Summer Date Night theme, plus a bonus sixth item!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty Box 5 sends five deluxe samples and full-sized products each month valued at $35+. The items are usually pretty varied and can be anything from skincare to hair care to color cosmetics, and more! The box is $12 per month with free shipping to the U.S. and $3 to Canada.

Every product in this month's box was full-sized! Beauty Box 5 usually sends a good amount of full-sized products, but getting all full-sized is always a special treat. They also included an extra skincare bonus.

  • Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber ($5.00) - This little sponge buffs away dead skin and roughness. It provides a mild exfoliation and is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive. The info card says that the smart label will fade when it's time to replace, but I opened mine up and there's no label printed on the sponge itself, so I'm not quite sure what that means. There is a small tag on the side, so maybe that's the part that fades.
  • De La Cruz Arnica Salve - This is the extra bonus item and I really like it. I'm a big fan of anything that deeply moisturizes, and this is great for dry, cracked skin. I liked to use it to soothe my cuticles.
  • Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick ($12.99) - The shade isn't printed on the packaging, but based on the color options printed on the side of the box I believe I got Rioja, which is a red/mauve.
  • Jelly Pong Pong Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil ($17.95) - This peachy pencil can be used as an eyeshadow base, highlighter, and concealer. I usually prefer powder highlighters, but this is good for lining the inner corners of your eyes and waterline.
  • Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner ($10.00) - I can never have enough lip balms. This one has a coconut scent and is made with natural and organic ingredients.
  • Nanacoco Jumbo Eye and Lip Pencil ($5.50) - I received the Lime Festival shade and it's a little bit too adventurous for me. It's definitely a good color for spring and summer though if you like daring eye looks.
Bottom Line: May's Beauty Box 5 had a total retail value of $51.44, not including the bonus Arnica Salve. I really liked the lip balm and liquid lipstick!

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