Tuesday, December 25, 2018

December MunchPak Review

MunchPak delivers new and popular snacks from around the world. They have several subscription options available, and if you love snacks like me, you have to check this box out!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

MunchPak has both healthy and not-so-healthy snacks, depending on your preferences. Boxes are hand packed by a real person in Arizona and is shipped within 24 hours of your order receipt. Inside you'll find snacks from all around the world!

There are three sizes available: 5+ snacks, 10+ snacks, and 20+ snacks and boxes can be delivered every two weeks or once a month. You can also customize your taste preferences for a more personalized experience. Here are the box options:
  • MunchPak: an assortment of sweet, salty, savory, and sour snacks
  • HealthPak: an assortment of snacks made with non-GMO and natural ingredients
  • CheatPak: an assortment of half healthy and half not-so-healthy snacks

My box was hand packed by Elizabeth and came with a cute MunchPak sticker. There are several pricing options:
  • MunchPak: $13.95 per box for 5+ snacks, $23.95 per box for 10+ snacks, and $43.95 per box for 20+ snacks. Boxes are available once every two weeks or once a month
  • HealthPak: $32.95 for 10+ snacks only, delivered once monthly
  • CheatPak: $32.95 for 10+ snacks, delivered once monthly
There are also multi-month options with more savings per individual box. Shipping is free to the U.S. International shipping is available but I could not find an exact shipping price on their website.

This is a review for the 10+ snacks MunchPak. I was very happy with this box and loved digging into all of the fun international snacks!

  • Toxic Waste Nuclear Fusion Hazardously Sour Candy (Brazil): These have two flavors in every piece and remind me of the Warheads candies I used to have when I was a kid. I haven't sampled them yet because my sour tolerance has changed drastically since then, but based on the packaging I'm going to guess they're pretty potent.
  • Vidal Gummi Snowmen (Spain): I love gummies and these strawberry and apple shaped snowmen were so good! They were chewy with a sugar coating.
  • KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter (Poland): Can we get these in the U.S.? It was delicious and loaded with peanut butter.
  • Reptar on Ice Candy Bar (U.S.): A Reptar bar! This was filled with blue frosting that turns your tongue blue.
  • ChikChak Hot & Spicy Flavor Snacks (Israel): These crunchy little bits had a ton of spice and were really good!
  • Ulker Cokomel Strawberry Marshmallows (Turkey): These puffs had a cookie base with a strawberry marshmallow coated with milk chocolate.
  • Puchao Ramune Candies (Japan): These are a soft gummy candy with soda flavor. Ramune is a popular soda from Japan that has a kind of crisp, lemonade flavor.

  • Cheetos Bolitas (Mexico): Yes, I love Mexican Cheetos! These were nice and spicy. I wish they were available in the U.S.
  • Fabitos Bacon Bits with Ketchup (Brazil): These are puffy snacks with a bacon flavor and a packet of ketchup inside.

The box didn't come with two KitKats, I just took a second picture of it on accident.
  • Chocolate Pocky (Japan): I love Pocky! It's so easy to eat the whole box in one sitting. If you're not familiar, they're cookie sticks covered in a variety of toppings, and these had a smooth chocolate that was so good.
  • Jelly Belly French Vanilla Soda (U.S.): I love Jelly Belly jellybeans but I'm not so sure about the flavor in a soda. I think it'll probably be pretty sweet so I might pass this off to someone else.
Cheetos Bolitos

Vidal Gummi Snowmen

Toxic Waste Candies

KitKat Peanut Butter

Puchao Ramune Candies

Fabitos Bacon Snacks

ChikChak Sweet & Spicy

Chocolate Pocky

Reptar Bar

Cokomel Strawberry
This MunchPak had a great mix of sweet and savory snacks! I like that they feature international ones that aren't readily available in the U.S.
Bottom Line: MunchPak is a great way to treat yourself to international snacks! I like that they have several price and snack-type options available.

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