Saturday, March 20, 2021

FaceSecret Pillowcase Review

One of my weird habits is that I hate having anyone touch my pillow. I'm very protective of it, and I don't like sleeping on other pillows when I travel. I even travel with my own pillowcase to avoid using ones from hotels and Airbnbs! The FaceSecret Pillowcase caught my interest for those reasons.

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The FaceSecret pillowcase is a slip-over pillowcase that's great for travel. It comes with a sheer travel bag and is easy to fold up and fit in your suitcase. The pillowcase is available in gray cotton, white cotton, pink satin,  and gray satin.

I am reviewing the Gray Cotton standard sized pillowcase. It's made of jersey cotton and has a quarter inch woven elastic and an elastic pull-tie drawstring to keep it snugly fit to most sized pillows. I chose the cotton because I prefer the way it feels, though satin pillowcases are known for helping keep your hair smooth and skin healthy due to its delicate texture. 

Keeping a fresh, clean pillowcase of any material is great for your skin and will also help lessen allergies to dust and other things that can crop up on an old pillowcase.

I know what you may be thinking: Why not just get a regular pillowcase? I had the same thought when I heard about FaceSecret, which is another reason why I wanted to try it. The cotton is comfortable and does feel like any other cotton pillowcase, but what I like about it is the elastic. My pillowcase always slips around while I sleep, and this one stays in place due to the snug fit around the pillow. It makes sleep more comfortable to not have the pillowcase bunching up under my skin.

I also like this for travel and am excited to pack it with me when travel is safe again. It folds up neatly and the drawstring travel bag makes it easily accessible in my luggage, and I'll appreciate having the extra layer of cleanliness for a pillow that isn't mine.

Bottom Line: The FaceSecret pillowcase is an affordable way to treat yourself to a good night's sleep and better skin! I like that it stays in place all night and adds extra protection against dust and allergens.

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