Monday, May 2, 2022

JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Multi Balm Review and $15 Off Coupon

I've been buying a lot of new skincare recently and realized I should be reviewing the products on here! My most recent purchase is the JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Multi Balm.

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JM Solution is a Korean skincare brand that actor Jung Hae-in is a spokesperson for, which, honestly is why I noticed the brand. I had tried a few of their sheet masks before but nothing more than that.

Like I said, I've been buying more skincare and investing in a more solid skincare routine. A 10-step Korean skincare routine is not necessary for everyone, but it's something I enjoy. My nighttime routine is especially soothing and relaxing. So I've been looking more into products beyond the standard cleanser, moisturizer, and masks.

The Marine Luminous Pearl Multi Balm is a new product that's available from the Korean JM Solution website. They do have a U.S. store; however, there aren't as many products on that shop. If you want to order this and you live in the U.S. like I do, you can get it from sites like Holi Holic.

So what is a Multi-Balm? Basically, it's a serum in a stick. The balm is available in Honey Luminous Royal Propolis and Water Luminous S.O.S. Ringer as well, but I chose the Marine Pearl for its brightening and hydration properties.

The balm contains 50 percent moisture essence to instantly soothe skin and deliver moisture. I was worried it might feel too thick or greasy on my oily skin, but it applies silky-smooth and doesn't feel heavy at all. It actually felt quite refreshing to spread this across my face. Normally you'll want to use this as the last step of your skincare, but you can also use it throughout the day when you need refreshing.

I like that it's in a solid balm form because it makes it great for travel, especially air travel (since it's not a liquid). I can also see this being nice and soothing after a day in the sun, as it felt slightly cooling on my skin when I first applied it.

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Bottom Line: I'm glad I took a chance on the JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Multi Balm because it turned out to be a great little serum. JM Solution's products are affordably priced and I've enjoyed every one that I've used, including this balm.

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