Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Petit Vour Review and Unboxing

I'm really excited to bring to you a new subscription box called Petit Vour -- I was asked to review their first box and I jumped at the chance.  The reason why I'm so excited about this subscription is because they only feature cruelty-free brands!

Petit Vour costs $15 a month and is available to the 48 contiguous states (they don't ship to APO or FPO boxes).  You can also purchase a three month subscription for $43 or six months for $82.  Both of these options are one-time charges.  The only added fee is for residents of Texas; you'll have to pay tax (I feel your pain, Texans--I have to pay NYS tax on some of the other services I subscribe to).  Currently you have to request an invite to join, and since I received this box to review I am not sure how long the wait period is on becoming a member.  I do know that once you are able to purchase a subscription you fill out a beauty profile so that Petit Vour can tailor products to your preferences.

I really liked the branding on their box.  Rabbits are my favorite animals, so I really like the theme they have going here.  They also have "Be Bold, Be Kind" written on the other side of the box, which I didn't take a picture of.  I really like that because I think it definitely sums up what they're all about!

The first item I noticed when I opened the box was the nail polish, because I love nail polish!  I thought it was a Scotch Naturals polish but it ended up being a different brand (not that that's a disappointment).  The box contained five items total, most of which were sample-sized.  I believe the nail polish is full-sized.

So here's what was in the May Petit Vour box!

  • Acure 100% Organic Hair Care - This shampoo and conditioner set is vegan, fair-trade certified, and Leaping Bunny certified, all three of which I love.  I'm not sure what the volume of these samples is because there is no measurement written on the bottle, but they're a good size for sampling.  The informational card says that Acure uses "cutting-edge plant stem cell technology."  I'm definitely curious to see how my hair reacts to this.
  • Misa Three-Free Nail Lacquer - I'm not sure if everyone got the same shade, but mine is a pretty pink called "First Kiss."  It's a .5 oz bottle, which is the standard size for nail polishes, so I'm fairly certain that this is full-sized.  It has a slightly fuchsia sheen, so I think it's going to look really nice for summer.
  • Tsi-La 100% Natural Organic Eau de Parfum - I think the name of this is "Fiori D'Arancio."  I'm not the biggest fan of perfume samples, but I'm willing to give them a try.  This one has notes of orange blossoms, tangerines, and neroli flowers, with vanilla orchids and honey.  Based on that description I thought I was going to love it, but it's just okay to me.
  • Odacite 10-Day Skin Treatment - The products weren't actually in the box, but we were provided with a gift certificate with a coupon code to order them.  The certificate is good for a skin consultation via email, personalized skin routine, and seven freshly made products.  What a great deal!
  • Go Raw 100% Organic Spirulina Energy Bar - I've had spirulina products before, maybe even the Go Raw brand (I don't entirely remember), and I do like them.  I'm going to take this to work tomorrow to have as a snack

Bottom Line: Overall I am very impressed with Petit Vour!  I'm going to support any company that's cruelty-free, and the ones featured in this box are even better because a lot of them are vegan, organic, and/or fair trade certified as well.  I think this box is an excellent option for any beauty enthusiast, and is a great introduction to how wonderful cruelty-free beauty can be for those who might not be as familiar with it.

*Disclaimer: I received a box from Petit Vour to facilitate my review.  I was not monetarily compensated and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.


  1. Once you have subscribed, how do you fill out the profile so they can tailor it to your needs? I haven't received an email and there was no link on the confirmation charge/payment page.

    If you have any information on this, please help? :]

    1. When I first subscribed it just took me to a page where I filled out the profile, but I think they've changed the site since then. I can't even find a place to log in anymore. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I would definitely contact them and find out. I hope you can get your subscription going soon!


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