Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Birchbox Man Review

I signed back up for Birchbox Man last month, half for my boyfriend but half for me, too. Even though we've only gotten two boxes so far I've been really happy with them!

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains referral links.

Birchbox Man costs $20 a month, as opposed to the $10 for the Women's box. I think that they definitely make up for the difference in price by increased value, and I also like the packaging of the Men's boxes a lot more. The women's boxes have a top on them that comes off like a regular shoebox, but the men's boxes have a sliding drawer that you pull out from the side. I think I can repurpose these boxes a lot easier than the Women's.

Anyway, Birchbox teamed up with Mad Men for April's box and I was so excited when I found that out! I'll admit that I only watched the first few seasons of the show, but I did enjoy it and I like the whole Don Draper aesthetic (aside from, well, the alcoholism and stuff).

One great thing about Birchbox Man is that every box comes with a full-sized item. Last month Pete got a great watch, and this month our sample choice was our full-sized product.

  • Royal Rose Three Chiles Simple Syrup ($2.75 for 2 fl oz) - This was the first half of the sample choice we picked for this month. If you're not familiar with simple syrup, it's basically sugar water that you add to a cocktail for flavor. This one is flavored with fresh poblano, jalapeno, and dried ancho chiles. As much as I love spicy foods, I don't really want my cocktail to taste like a pepper so I swapped this.
  • The Mason Shaker Whiskey Stones ($17.00 for 6 stones) - I love whiskey and when I saw that these stones and the syrup were available for sample choice I snatched them up right away (I'm paying for this box after all, not Pete)! We just bought a bottle of single malt 12-year Aberfeldy scotch that will go great with these. If you're not familiar with whiskey stones, they're great to drink with liquor because they take the place of ice cubes and won't dilute your drink.
  • Baxter of California Facial Scrub ($2.13 for .5 fl oz) - I ended up posting this for swap because I already have a ton of exfoliating products to use and I knew Pete probably wouldn't end up using this. It looks nice, but a lot like other scrubs I've used.
  • das boom industries Everywhere Lotion Detroit ($3.00 for 1 fl oz) - Man, this stuff smells terrible. It has argan oil, rosemary extract, and Vitamin E, all of which are great ingredients for smooth skin, but I just couldn't get past the smell. The scent trio includes tobacco, musk, and motor oil. I don't mind tobacco or musk in lotions, but I am not a fan of smelling like motor oil.
  • PLANT Body Wash ($2.11 for 1 fl oz) - Now this I do like the scent of: sandalwood, cedar, and ginger. I might just steal it for myself. Even better, it's made in Brooklyn at a nonprofit workshop that employs adults with mental and physical disabilities. The product itself is free of parabens, silicones, and other "mystery chemicals" (as the product page calls them).
Bottom Line: Our April Birchbox Man had a total approximate retail value of $26.99, which isn't crazy high, but it's more than the cost of the box and I'm happy with that. I also really liked most of the products we got and I think that's what's most important!


  1. Seriously? Motor oil?? That is bizarre... However the body wash sounds great! When do we get to make picks usually? The May box will be my second month and whiskey stones would have made me/hubby happier than quick draw undies...

    1. It's pretty gross. I totally get the Detroit connection but in a body lotion? Really? Although I guess there are some people out there who like the smell of gasoline.

      I checked for my sample choice email and all I could find was the confirmation and I received that on March 11th for the April box. I'm not sure if you're a Birchbox Ace or not, but I am and I know that Aces get sample selection a day before everyone else. I would think that the email for May's box should be coming out any day now.

  2. Motor oil is not a note I usually look for, lol. The whiskey stones are cool though... and I probably would have kept the chili syrup, but I like all things spicy!

    1. I love spicy foods in pretty much any other form but the thought of a spicy drink just weirds me out, lol!


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